Calvin, Hunter, Jason Sparks and
December 02, 2020 | Full Length Video : 22min 1sec

Hunter Pratt knows a good fuck whe he sees one, and he knows he's lucky to be in the room when Calvin Blake barebacks a blindfolded Jason Sparks. Meanwhile, Calvin and Jason are extra turned on that a hot muscle guy like Hunter is recording them. He's circling them shirtless, holding the camera up to grab great moments, and he's keeping his pants unbuttoned and unzipped so that everyone can get a glimpse of his chiseled abs.

Hunter is mesmerized by the sight of Calvin’s thick, cut cock pounding Jason’s ass doggy style.

Breathing heavily at ...[Read more]

Breathing heavily at the horny sight in front of him, he goes in for close-ups of Calvin’s cock buried in Jason’s hole, the beefy bottom moaning with each thrust.

The hottest part of the video is that no one pays attention to Jason’s dick. He’s there to be used by Calvin till he gets bred... and to be recorded being an obedient pig bottom, taking raw dick and a hot load. And Calvin doesn’t disappoint. He drives in with quick, hard thrusts, groaning while his load spews into the ass he’s been using. That leaves Jason exhausted and very, very satisfied.

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