Connor Taylor and James Clark
March 03, 2021 | Full Length Video : 32min 58sec

James and Connor are making out in their underwear, with Connor rubbing James’ bulge to get him worked up for what’s coming. Connor makes a valiant effort to deepthroat James but while he takes it deep, his little twink throat is no match for that thick meat. That doesn’t stop him from testing his limits though, and his attempts are met with moans of enjoyment from James.

The guys swap positions. James has assured us that he can take a big dick, but he might have second thoughts face down in Connor’s crotch and sucking the long dong that’s going to be topping him. Connor’s cock jumps each time it hits the back of James’ mouth but try as he might, James just can’t bottom out on Conner’s big cock. Not that Connor minds. He strokes the back of his cocksucker’s head and moans enthusiasticly.

Connor gets James ...[Read more]

Connor gets James on the bed on all fours and kneels behind him for a hot rim job. Soon, though, James is moaning from the fat cock buried in his ass as Connor long dicks him.

When Connor flips James to his back to fuck him in missionary position, he’s careful not to go balls deep right away. His strokes are slow and deliberate, and James is focused on relaxing and moaning all the while. When Connor goes deep, James rolls his head back and forth on the blankets, lost in the feeling of being filled so deep. Soon he’s stroking again with Connor plunging to his full depth and picking up speed as he sees it makes James harder.

Connor pulls out and shoots several ropes of hot cum all over James’ groin and inner thigh. The feeling seems to push James over the edge, and his own cock adds to the sticky mess all over his body.

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