Jack Bailey, Romeo Davis and
August 24, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 24sec

It would be difficult to imagine two more polar opposite guys: Jack is an innocent, smooth, flame-haired twink and Romeo is a beefy, hairy, heavily-tattooed brute - yet, it seems, they just can’t get enough of each other. Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis literally can’t stop banging each other’s brains out!

As usual, their dick-tingling session takes off with some heavy-duty kissing, but Romeo instantly gets his hands wrapped around Jack’s throat in a way which suggests he’s in the mood for something sleazy. The kisses become wet and sloppy. Jack begs to be degraded.

Romeo sits on ...[Read more]

Romeo sits on a bench and Jack squats between his legs, hungrily servicing the older man’s giant, throbbing meat, gagging and choking repeatedly, tears prickling in his youthful eyes.

Jack can’t wait any longer. He throws himself face down on the bench, presenting his beautiful ass to his barbarous master. Romeo kneels and gets his thick, coarse tongue wriggling between the boy’s peachy ass cheeks. Jack gasps in anticipation as his hole is slowly pumped full of saliva.

Romeo stands and spits on his thick dick before slowly pushing it into the boy. Jack’s eyes flicker to the back of his head as his hole is ruthlessly ripped open. He cries out, momentarily regretting his eagerness to be penetrated, but as the onslaught continues, the sensation of being torn apart gives way to one of extreme, orgasmic pleasure.

Romeo smiles wickedly as he bangs the boy, balls deep, wilfully attempting to ruin Jack’s innocence with deep, raw strokes. Jack fits him like a glove. He just can’t get enough of the boy.

Romeo can’t hold it in any longer. He needs to breed and he explodes a huge load deep into Jack’s heavily-bruised guts. It’s gonna be a long time before that heavy load sees the light of day again!

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