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April 07, 2021 | Full Length Video : 23min 48sec

Hunter and I have recently discovered the thrill of being blindfolded whilst getting fucked. There’s something highly erotic and intense about not knowing who’s inside you. And, of course, when you’re the one who gets to pick who’s gonna fuck your buddy, there’s an added element of excitement. The possibilities are endless. You can pair him with a complete stranger, or do him a favor and hook him up with that guy he’s always been too nervous to proposition!

On this occasion, I decided it’d be hot to get Logan fucked by his ex, Calvin. There was something so hot and subversive about the idea! Calvin and Logan dated a few years back, and it was all going pretty well until Logan discovered that Calvin was simultaneously banging about ten other guys! Logan never thought they’d fuck again... until now.

I guess I ...[Read more]

I guess I wasn’t that surprised when Calvin agreed to do the deed. He is a filthy fucker after all! Logan’s such a hot-looking lad - muddy blonde, hairless, great skin, amazing body, perfect butt. We blindfolded him with a bandana and got him to lie face down on the bed.

Calvin was already hard when he knocked on the door. He looked seriously sexy. He’s got a banging hot body and a kind of sexual aura about him. A confidence. You’d notice him in a crowd.

He looked down at Logan on the bed and smiled. He was plainly gonna enjoy fucking him again and was obviously highly turned on to know that Calvin had no clue it was him! His clothes were off in seconds, I handed him a Zorro-type mask to wear, and he walked straight across to the bed with his rock hard, massive dick leading the way.

Even I was surprised when he simply knelt behind Logan, pushed his legs apart a little, and shoved his raw cock straight inside him. No chat. No foreplay. Straight to fucking.

Logan gasped, a mixture of agony and ecstasy, then threw his hand back to slow Calvin down, but the fixed look on Calvin’s face made it clear that he wasn’t stopping for anyone. Within seconds of pushing himself inside, he was banging Logan at top speed, literally slamming his dick into him, balls slapping violently against his ass cheeks.

Logan went quiet for a moment. I wondered if he’d worked out who was fucking him, but it became clear that he was simply attempting to regulate his breathing, trying to get a handle on what was happening. I wasn’t surprised he was feeling bewildered. Just as he got used to one speed or level of thrust, Calvin would change things up and start pounding him with a different level of intensity. No let up, just hard, fast, brutal, grueling fucking!

It wasn’t long at all before Logan let go and started to embrace the intensity of the experience. He got on all fours and arched his back to give Calvin a bit more internal space to thrust into. Logan rolled his eyes in pleasure, and got his hands around Logan’s neck, just to show him who was still the boss!

He dragged Logan to the end of the bed, so that he could pound him whilst standing up. And Logan responded by going into some sort of trance, continually repeating “oh you feel so good” and “don’t stop,” like some sort of sex-crazed mantra. He was getting fucked ragged. And it wasn’t a quick bang. It was relentless!

Calvin turned him around and got him on his back with his legs spread wide. You could see him staring into Logan’s face as he gritted his teeth and pounded him harder and harder. He pushed Logan’s legs even further apart, then went up on his tiptoes to deliver the most brutal strokes of all.

You could tell there was no way he was gonna pull out to cum. He wanted to leave something inside Logan. He wanted Logan to look back at the tapes and know who’d fucked him whilst there was still cum inside his ass. He looked over at me, and I gave him an encouraging nod. It was time!

He blew deep and hard and I got my camera right under his balls to watch him pulling out. That heady mix of foamy spunk and the real juicy stuff started dripping out. He winked at me, pushed himself back in and pulled out again so that more followed. He laughed and did the same again. The drip became a trickle.

He pulled out a final time, and, whilst Logan lay there trying to comprehend what had happened, Calvin pulled his shorts and T-shirt back on, grabbed my throbbing dick and whispered “you next” in my ear. Seconds later he was out of the door…

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