Ethan Tate, Johnny Ford and
August 10, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 11sec

Gym daddy, Johnny Ford, has been at the bathhouse all day keeping an eye out for Ethan Tate. This tall twink can really fill out a jockstrap, which gets a DILF bottom like Johnny hungry for a peek inside! He gives Ethan a nod to join him in a side room, which the youngster knows will lead to a real good time.

He and Johnny start making out, wearing only jockstraps. That leaves room for plenty of caressing and tender touching. Passionate kisses heighten the feeling between the two, leading to more and more touching.

Johnny makes the ...[Read more]

Johnny makes the move to his intended target; he wants to see what’s inside the straining fabric of the jockstrap! Even with the teaser of the massive bulge, Jonny’s surprised to see just how huge Ethan’s hard cock has gotten!

Turned on even more, Johnny kneels to take it into his mouth, doing his best to deep throat the beast! Ethan moans as his engorged tip passes Johnny’s lips and slides down his wet, welcoming throat! Johnny bobs on that weapon for what seems like hours, getting Ethan good and horny, but also good and slick!

Ethan motions for Johnny to hop into the sling there in the side room. With his feet in the stirrups, Johnny’s ready for a hard, strong pounding, but Ethan wants to take his time. Even though Johnny still has the jock on, Ethan has perfect tongue access to Johnny’s daddy hole!

Ethan’s long tongue takes its time, alternating between quick flicks and deep plunges. Johnny wasn’t expecting the rim job but he’s definitely not complaining!

Ethan positions his tip at Johnny’s sloppy wet opening and pushes his way inside. Johnny lets out a moan that shows how much he’s loving this mounting! Ethan takes his time, pushing forward inch-by-inch until he’s balls-deep.

Johnny’s insides are on fire! Ethan gets a rhythm going, longdicking the DILF who just can’t get enough of this huge twink cock! Both are moaning in pleasure and the moans start to come faster and faster. Johnny has one final request: he wants Ethan to breed him and blow his twink load inside. Ethan is almost there, and happy to give Johnny exactly what he wants!

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