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Eddie Patrick, Adam Snow, Zack Dean and Oliver Carter

December 06, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 56sec

You really can’t go wrong with Zack Dean and Oliver Carter. He and his fellow bottom-BFF Zack are enjoying getting their throats and gaping boy holes seriously laid into by hunky-gorgeous super-DILFs Eddie Patrick and Adam Snow! These ferociously handsome muscle daddies are fucking huge—by the time Adam and Eddie have taken several turns at both of the boys’ juicy, well-hammered, quivering holes, Oliver’s sweet spot has been so magnificently pulverized that all he can do is flail around against the back of the couch and scream with agonizing ecstasy!

Zack, meanwhile, has lost all meaningful coherency. The monstrously hung Eddie Patrick slams mercilessly into the twink as Zack involuntarily emits outbursts of long, winsome, gleeful shrieks. These DILFs are all fired up, and more than ready to pump the boys full of their pulsating, climaxing daddy dicks…!

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