Andrew Delta, Devin Franco, Dylan Hayes, Eddie Patrick, Milo Miles, Sean Xavier, T.d. Graham and Dex Devall
November 22, 2023 | Full Length Video : 26min 25sec

Dex Devall arrived at the sex party and promptly plopped down on the couch. He wore loose-fitting sweat pants, but that was all. He spotted seven dudes, but hoped there’d be more as the night progressed. Seven potential loads wouldn’t be nearly enough for someone like Dex.

He was out of his mind with lust, and he wouldn’t be satisfied until the couch cushions were soaked in spunk. Then some hunky-looking fucker sauntered over, knelt down and yanked Dex’s pants off.

He turned around ...[Read more]

He turned around and gripped the back of the couch. A bunch of twinks and hot jocks had gathered and were mean-mugging the boy—one of the guys even said something about not taking it easy on him. That’s fine, Dex thought. He liked it hard, fast, thick, and long. He had the stamina to handle them all, and a dude could always come back around later for seconds…

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