Connor Taylor, Greg Riley and
September 22, 2021 | Full Length Video : 25min 16sec

Starting with gentle kissing and caressing, the two became well acquainted in bed, stripping down to their jockstraps and feeling each other’s bodies. It didn’t take long, however, for Connor’s legendary long cock to poke up, compelling the muscle titan to drop to his knees to bob his shaved head up and down on the pink pecker.

Connor rests his hand on the big guy’s head, leading him down to the base of his cock and his heavy, cum-filled nuts. Greg worships Connor’s huge member, knowing that every inch that he takes in his mouth will soon be deep in his muscle butt.

Greg gets up ...[Read more]

Greg gets up on the bed, arching his back and resting on his fists like a perfect power bottom. With his cheeks presented wide, Connor dives his face deep between the globular rounds, practically feeling his face eclipsed by their size and strength. Greg could easily overpower the ginger boy if he wanted, but everything in his stance suggests he’s desperate to be fucked and filled with the young man’s spunk.

With the muscle bull on his back, Connor pushes his legs close to chest, giving him room to slide his hard cock inside his hole. The firm muscles give way to Connor’s impressive size and the twink top watches as his tool disappears inch by inch inside his guts. Greg lets out a masculine moan of pleasure, looking up at the young man who is claiming his hole.

Connor sees the bodybuilder beneath him, looking down like he’s slain a giant. He can’t help but feel a rush of satisfaction knowing a big guy like him is begging for more of his cock. It strikes a chord in him that makes him feel even more dominant and powerful than usual, driving a force behind his hips that make him eager to feel the big guy take his load. Greg holds himself in place, bracing for the explosion, knowing that he’s happily and irrevocably at the mercy of the ginger top’s cock!

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