Brogan Reed, Mikah Lake and
March 24, 2021 | Full Length Video : 15min 37sec

Brogan’s muscle daddy chest feels right at home to Mikah. As he rests his head on the smooth, broad pec, he can’t resist taking a hard nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as the beefy top’s cock swells up. Seeing Mikah nuzzle on him made him so happy and horny. And like a good boy, Mikah’s mouth makes its way to Brogan’s thick dick, taking it to the back of his throat and sucking on it with the same passion and feeling.

Brogan bends Mikah over the couch, giving the bottom a chance to show off his perfect ass and hungry hole. Brogan gives it a proper rimming, getting it wet and warm before sliding his bare cock deep inside. Brogan knows how to take care of his boys, making them moan, melt, and beg to be bred before fucking them hard.

Once Brogan gets ...[Read more]

Once Brogan gets himself inside, he fills Mikah balls deep, pounding his prostate over and over as he drips precum from his cock. Brogan is a champion fucker, thrusting his shaft in Mikah’s hole as his heavy, load-bearing nuts bounce up and down. Mikah moans with delight, eager to get his muscle daddy primed to burst, desperate to take it in his ass.

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