Logan Carter, Riley Ross, Spencer Daley and
May 21, 2019 | Full Length Video : 26min 12sec

Logan’s tall, muscular body wraps around Riley as they kiss and caress each other’s arms and legs. The handsome top delicately embraces his toned, jock lover, all while Spencer carefully captures each tender moment on camera. The intimate moment arouses the two men as they stroke each other’s hard cocks, eager to feel their chemistry get physical! Logan drops to his knees to suck Riley’s cock, savoring the taste of his buddy in his mouth. Riley leans back to feel his throat wrap around him, getting harder as he thinks about his turn on the tall stud. Logan stretches out on the bed to receive Riley’s lips, watching the shorter guy devour his long shaft. The two men get worked up for a passionate skin to skin fucking, with Logan planting his raw cock in Riley’s tight hole, ready to give him his seed!

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