Tyler Tanner and Myott Hunter
November 23, 2022 | Full Length Video : 26min 1sec

Always super-horny and completely insatiable, dream fuckboy Tyler Tanner is back for Round 3! With bottom-boy Myott Hunter still tied up, bound, and hanging by a sling, he’s ready to be served up to the most ravenous of sexual appetites!

“You get hotter every time I see you!” Tyler exclaims right before he rams a big, black sex toy up Myott’s ass, followed soon afterwards by the dom’s own mammoth boy-rod. Myott’s insides are already brimming with Tyler’s multiple loads but the bound twink desperately needs more and the smoking hot top is determined to slam another load into his slave boy– and Tyler certainly does not disappoint. His giant cock deliciously nails the sweet spot deep inside Myott’s tight fuck-tunnel.

The smooth twink ...[Read more]

The smooth twink bottom is delirious with pleasure and is soon begging his master to bury another hot load into his quivering slave ass. The cumshot that Tyler blasts is one for the ages in its passionate intensity. These hot sex maniacs are left panting and sweating all over one another in their filthy post orgasmic bliss!

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