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Tyler Tanner and Chris Keaton
April 26, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 44sec

Tyler can’t believe his good fortune when he sees Chris in his favorite position: bent over the fuck bench, mouth taped, hands and feet bound, and his eyes wide with nerves.

Tyler isn’t a sadist or brutal, but he does love seeing his bottom boys in a state of suspense. Them not knowing what he’s likely to do next gives him a special thrill and satisfaction that can only come from being a bondage top. And Chris is lucky to get to be his little puppet.

Chris feels Tyler’s ...[Read more]

Chris feels Tyler’s hands move freely over his body, unburdened by clothing or even the need for invitation. He can touch his chest, his ass, even rim his exposed hole without Chris ever having to say a word or move. Chris feels the warm, wet tongue of his captor move over his most sensitive spot, making him undeniably aroused, all while his heart beats furiously in his chest, drowning out the moans he’s making in response.

When Tyler asks “do you like that,” Chris can’t bring himself to lie and say no. It feels amazing. Absolutely incredible! And deep down, he wants more. Being tied and chained has freed him from having to reveal his true feelings. He doesn’t have to admit to being a hungry slut. Tyler can make him one just fine on his own…

Tyler Tanner series cover
1. Tyler Tanner & Ethan Tate 28mn
Ethan had no idea what to expect when he met up with Tyler. He thought the handsome, exuberant young man would be a fun date, even possibly great sex. He had no idea what Tyler was into, but that was part of the fun of the adventure. Ethan didn’t pry, wanting to let the night play out in unexpected ways. He thought, what have I got to lose? When he found himself bent over a leather riser, bound and gagged in nothing but a black jockstrap, it was clear the night had taken an unexpected turn! He didn’t know what Tyler was going to him and the fear in his chest became more and more intense. Tyler seemed like such a clean cut, boy next door type. That is until he entered the dark, red-lit dungeon in a black harness, sporting a raging erection and devilish grin. Tyler kept telling him how sexy he was, kissing on his backside and even tonguing his exposed hole. Ethan couldn’t deny that it felt amazing, but he still struggled with the open question: what comes next? The more Tyler exerted his dominance, the more Ethan found himself more and more aroused. Pressed between the riser and his stomach, his cock hardened and leaked precum. He couldn’t explain it, but he found himself craving the inevitable. He wanted Tyler to fuck him. He even wanted Tyler to breed him. Feelings that were more intense than he would have ever felt had he not been so vulnerable. Tyler brought his hard dick to Ethan’s mouth, giving the helpless twink the first taste of the rough stud’s tool. It surged to the back of his throat, making him gag and choke and drool all over. But instead of resisting, he just tried harder. He found himself wanting to please Tyler. Tyler! His captor! And when Tyler leaned down to kiss him, he returned the gesture…
2. Tyler Tanner & Myott Hunter 27mn
Tyler is at it again! This time, he’s got cute, smooth, milky-skinned captive in his dungeon! Myott sees himself more as more of a top, which makes Tyler’s game all the more fun. He loves making people break outside of their own pleasure for his own, and Tyler knows that Myott will come to crave his hard cock in his hole. Myott bucks and tries to kick a little as he gets nervous in his restraints. He’s not used to being so exposed and vulnerable, making his neck hairs stand on end and his body perspire. Tyler wastes no time in planting his tongue between Myott’s unfucked hole, delighting in seeing Myott struggle with his new role as a bottom. Tyler makes a meal of Myott’s backside, slapping it and raising beautiful pink marks with each impact of his hand. When Tyler sneaks a finger in Myott’s hole, he lets out a muffled squeal through his gag that makes Tyler even more turned on. When Tyler comes to Myott’s front, he removes the boy’s gag, only to fill Myott’s mouth with his throbbing hard cock. Myott gags as it moves to the back of his throat, struggling to take it all, taunted by Tyler’s promise to go back to his ass if he doesn’t do better. Myott finds himself weirdly incentivized to please Tyler, knowing his fate is solely in the rough top’s hands. He finds a rhythm of his breathing and sucking that seems to please Tyler, and Myott is pleased in return. And strangely, Myott’s cock grows in arousal in response…
9. Tyler Tanner & Andrew Bolt 23mn
Andrew’s mouth struggled beneath the thick, black tape. He couldn’t make more than a moaning sound as Tyler touched him all over, taking full advantage of his vulnerable, restrained state. With his arms and legs shackled in place on a leather fuck bench, Andrew’s ass was presented to Tyler like a gift waiting to be opened. And for Andrew, that sent trembles throughout his body. The idea of being tied up and used was something Andrew had always fantasized about, but once he was locked in place, his natural fears began to rise to the surface. He tried his best to keep them out of his mind, but every strange and scary scenario ran through his mind. Luckily, Tyler knew what to do. Kissing along his smooth, soft skin, moving back to Andrew's hole, Tyler made sure to let the boy know he was safe with him. That Tyler had no intention of harming him or hurting him. After all, Andrew was his new favorite toy, and he wasn’t about to break him. At least, not right away. Tyler did assert his dominance by slapping him once on the ass, raising a beautiful red mark on his otherwise spotless backside, branding him as his personal slave. Andrew felt himself relax as Tyler expertly tongued his hole, making him feel pleasure beyond his fear. Andrew even felt himself start to get aroused inside his jockstrap, getting turned on by the dom twinks’ power and presence. And when Tyler came around to fill his mouth up with his hard tool, Andrew happily began to take it into his mouth. It was only a matter of time before the tense bottom began to crave more of his captor. And despite being unable to speak or move, he welcomed Tyler’s bare cock into his tight hole as the dom mounted up behind him. Tyler was eager to leave a load inside Andrew, making his submission official. And as Andrew looked forward into the black, he could feel every inch of Tyler owning him and making him submit.
10. Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans 24mn
Liam has come to the dungeon today with a specific fantasy. He wants sexy twink Tyler Tanner to use and degrade him. Tyler has already stripped Liam naked and chained him face down on the fuck bench. He puts the gag ball in Liam’s mouth, leaves the room, and once he comes back in, the fantasy is in full play. Tyler starts the degradation with some spitting. He shoots jets of saliva in Liam’s face and on the back of his neck. Liam cries out no, but this only eggs Tyler on. Tyler’s hard cock rubs up against Liam’s naked ribcage, making both men even harder. Tyler spits into Liam’s butt crack and uses his fingers to rub the liquid in. He then probes him with two fingers at first, then three. Liam cries out at the anal assault, which Tyler takes as encouragement to probe even harder and deeper. With the ball gag in place, it’s hard to tell if Liam is in pleasure or pain, but Tyler judges from Liam’s body language that he’s loving every second of it. Tyler whispers in Liam’s ear: he wants to fuck both of his holes! Tyler removes the ball gag and replaces it with his ball sac! He jams his hard dick deep down Liam’s throat, thrusting powerfully until his dick is fully down Liam’s gullet! Liam protests, but Tyler isn’t listening. The only voice Tyler hears is that of his young twink cock crying out for more! Tyler walks back around behind Liam and spits again into his captive’s pink asshole. Between the drippy blowjob, the globs of spit, and Tyler’s natural pre-cum, Liam’s hole is ready to be mounted. Tyler pushes in hard and deep, showing no mercy! Liam gasps at the hard entry but the gasps quickly turn to moans. Tyler reaches up to grab Liam’s shoulders, pulling himself deeper into that crack! The pounding gets harder the more Liam protests! Tyler has one final degradation planned. He pulls his cock from Liam’s ass and repositions it back in Liam's face. He removes the gag and before Liam knows what is going on. He’s getting face-fucked by Tyler again, this time with the taste of his own hole all over Tyler’s throbbing pole. Tyler whispers again: He’s going to shoot down Liam’s throat! Tyler grabs Liam’s head and slides his pulsing cock back and forth across Liam’s tonsils. Tyler’s been the one in control all along, but at this point he lets loose, blasting load after creamy load down Liam’s hot throat. Liam swallows most of it, but there’s just so much! Tyler’s spent and ready to leave the dungeon. His spooge dripping from Liam’s mouth is the reward he wanted, and Liam got his degradation fantasy fulfilled!
11. Tyler Tanner & Ryan Aubert 28mn
Skinny boy, Ryan has been silenced with a ball gag. His hands tied above his head in a leather strap attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. He’s naked but for a well-fitting jockstrap and a collar around his neck. Tyler appears from the shadows, dressed in nothing but a leather harness, dick already hard, ripe and ready for action. He immediately takes command, asserting his absolute dominance by fondling, groping ,and smacking the trussed-up, timid twink. Tyler removes Ryan’s gag and the two boys kiss passionately. Ryan begins to whimper and groan, instantly transported into a state of pure lust, desperate to please his sexy new master. Dominant Tyler re-gags his slave, then drops to his knees, pulling Ryan’s dick out of its jock, deep-throating it eagerly and sending shivers up and down the bound boy’s beautiful body. Tyler positions himself behind Ryan and starts to work his ass with his flickering, slippery tongue and long, bony fingers until the bottom boy is begging for his big dick. The top twink then stands, lines his raw dick up with Ryan’s tight ass and, with little warning, pushes himself inside and starts to thrust in and out. Tyler is soon banging Ryan good and hard, pounding the bottom boy like a stag on heat. The tied-up twink gasps - barely able to control his breathing as his master’s massive meat sends shockwaves through his innocent body. Tyler cums real hard, squirting huge quantities of semen deep into Ryan before casually pulling out and, without a word, walking away.
12. Tyler Tanner & Chris Keaton 25mn
"You're such a bitch," Tyler whispers in Chris's ear. And Chris loves to hear it! After all, he came back to Tyler's sex dungeon willingly for a second helping of BDSM. His arms are tied and suspended by a chain in the ceiling. He's stripped down to a black jockstrap. His mouth is taped, and the only sounds he's capable of are moans and the clink of his leather collar as he writhes in Tyler's grip. Tyler pulls away and steps back to admire his handy work. He cradles Chris's flank, slides down his jockstrap, and starts jerking him off. Chains rattle. Tyler spits on the twink's dick and keeps up the pace...only to inform his captive bitch that he has to earn his release. And he means both from the bindings and for his orgasm! When Tyler tires of one toy, he starts playing with another. The top swivels to the other side of the bound boy and starts fingering his vulnerable rear. He laps at his asshole hungrily, which would normally cause Chris's knees to buckle—thank goodness his straps are in place to keep him standing! With his backdoor nice and prepped with spit, Tyler pushes his big cock into the tiny hole waiting between athletic cheeks. He fucks Chris wildly—the only thing louder than the slap of flesh-on-flesh is the clanking of Chris's wrist binds! Tyler rams that beautiful hole over and over again, fucking the gagged twink until he can't take it anymore. With one hand holding onto Chris's waist, Tyler shoots into his waiting ass! Cum dribbles out of Chris's hole... and Tyler pulls out, leaving the boy restrained and full of his seed. He never said he was done, after all.
13. Tyler Tanner & Benji Dawsten 23mn
Sadistic twink top Tyler Tanner rubs his hands along Benji Dawsten's tan, bound body. The gagged twink writhes along the leather fuck-bench, but he can't escape. He's helpless, and he's in love with his torment. Tyler kisses Benji's forehead, and assures his squirming bottom that he's gonna love what comes next. And he's right—as he slaps and spanks Benji's athletic, jockstrap-clad cheeks, tears of pain and pleasure fill the bottom's eyes. Benji's mind becomes a blur of sensation as Tanner rotates between spanking, groping, and ungagging his bottom for brief kisses—only to muffle his mouth again with the leather strap. After turning Benji's cheeks bright red with abuse, Tyler spreads the gagged twink's cheeks and spits in his hole. The twink top rims him, tasting Benji's entrance, then turns his attention back to Benji's face. This time, when he frees Benji’s mouth from the gag, it's not to deliver kisses; he replaces the leather gag with a fleshy one, forcing his submissive bottom to choke on his cock. Tyler pulls his big cock out, leaving a trail of spittle between his dick and Benji's panting lips, he decides that playtime is over. He returns to the stung cheeks, spreads them, and pushes his hips forward, skewering Benji's entrance to the hilt. He pounds Benji's ass until the moaning sub can't think straight. In fact, by the time Tyler drops a load inside Benji, he's certain that a straight thought will never cloud his mind again.
14. Tyler Tanner & Andrew Bolt 25mn
Sadistic twink top Tyler Tanner has Andrew Bolt's body as bound in its leather straps as he has the boy's mind bound in lust. It's been a few months since Tyler threw the timid brunette over his fuck bench, and he's expected, ever since, that the little bottom would come crawling back for more. They always do. Which is why Andrew found himself, yet again, with duct tape over his mouth, a leather collar around his neck, and the jingle of metal locks rattling at his wrists. There wasn't any fear when Tyler ripped the tape off and shoved his fingers in Andrew’s mouth—instead, there was submissiveness, acceptance, and yielding towards what was to come. And what was to come was complete control of his body given to his master. Tyler's free reign led him to smothering Andrew's mouth, nipples, and eventually, his jock-strap framed, spread ass cheeks with his tongue. Tyler reapplied the duct tape over Andrew's mouth and rimmed the bound twink without hesitation or permission. Satisfied with the taste of Andrew's hole, the master twink gave his bound bottom a few slaps to his cheeks—just enough color to leave a mark, just enough sting to let him know what was coming next. Tyler tugged at the restraints to ensure their tautness, then rose to his feet behind his captive. He guided the head of his member between Andrew's cheeks and pushed into his slicked up, needy hole. And in this moment, if there was ever doubt in Andrew's mind as to why he came back to Tyler's dungeon, it was destroyed by the piston of Tyler's hips. He was speared by a rod of far larger length than he had ever considered taking before, by a boy of devastating beauty, and in a way that reduced him to empty thoughts of anything except wanting more. Tyler filled his thoughts in the same way he filled Andrew's hole: repeatedly, and without mercy.
16. Tyler Tanner & Zayne Bright 24mn
Tied-up, gagged, and used, twink Zayne Bright trembled with trepidation, but also anticipation for the moment that Tyler Tanner would strut back into the dungeon. The shaggy-haired emo could whimper and shake his head all he liked. The more timid and reflexive that Zayne got, the more aroused it made the sadistic-minded Tyler. The more the bound twink groaned through the thick gag of black masking tape, the harder Tyler’s cock would get. Every squeak and squeal from Zayne elicited a much firmer slap to the young submissive’s tiny bottom. Each spank echoed. Tyler simply could not get enough of Zayne’s ultra-lean, smooth body. His salacious hands explored every inch of Zayne’s pecs, abs, and ass—over and over again. Tyler’s tongue and cock indulged in the shuddering twink’s tight boy hole. No matter how many times the well-worn bottom got fucked, it always felt, to Tyler, like the very first time. Tyler violated Zayne for so long that time became meaningless, impossible to measure. After violently fucking the twink for so long that his loins ached, he grabbed onto his sub’s tiny waist and came like a cannon blast. The final, powerful thrusts were so brutal that Zayne could only shrill and jerk against his restraints uselessly. Tyler eventually pulled his boymeat out of the exhausted sub’s quivering rear. The sight of Zayne dangling and limp, like a well-used fuck doll, got Tyler rock hard again. He snickered and walked away… he’ll be back soon.
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