Ethan Tate and Tyler Tanner
March 16, 2022 | Full Length Video : 25min 16sec

Tyler and Ethan are both seriously cute… and incredibly horny. And these two facts prove to be a winning combination in the latest film from Jason Sparks Live!

These boys are definite twinks, but they’ve got a bit of edge about them. Ethan has a prominent tattoo on the back of his neck while Tyler has a glint in his eye which tells the world he’s a little inexperienced, but totally up for whatever comes his way!

The boys kiss ...[Read more]

The boys kiss and make out in a hotel room, slowly stripping while caressing each other tenderly. Tyler gets down between Ethan’s legs and repeatedly chokes on his giant dick while attempting to pleasure him.

Ethan pushes Tyler onto the bed, spreads his legs real wide and gets his tongue lodged firmly into the bottom boy’s tasty hole. Tyler gasps and moans, head swimming and spinning in a sea of lustful thoughts, shaking wildly with anticipation.

Ethan lies on the bed, dick pointing towards the ceiling in readiness for Tyler, who squats over him and begins to lower himself down. Ethan’s thick meat pierces Tyler’s tight hole and begins to creep inside him. Moments later, Tyler’s wriggling and bouncing up and down on Ethan’s pole, like a true pro.

A change of position finds Tyler on the edge of the bed, with Ethan standing between his legs, powerfully thrusting his tool in and out of the bottom boy’s perfect pussy. The experience is intense. Tyler pants and Ethan grunts as he repeatedly slams his dick into the boy.

Ethan cums deep inside Tyler, creating a deliciously slippery cream pie as he pulls out.

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