Brogan Reed, Cash Lockhart, Ty Thomas and
July 06, 2022 | Full Length Video : 20min 36sec

What a huge erection! At first, Ty, Brogan, and Cash are talking about their tour of the St. Louis Arch, but soon we see the phrase also refers to their hot three-way!

Once all are naked, Ty throws his leg over the couch back, giving his fuckbuddies full-access to his sexy rock-hard cock. He’s got little freckles all over his smooth twink body and they give a feel of innocence that contradicts the raunchy position. Cash has a smattering of light chest hair and wastes no time wrapping his lips around Ty’s ample dick. Cash is the lucky one in the middle; while he sucks on Ty, dark-haired hunk Brogan has slipped his head between Cash’s legs and is giving head for all he’s worth.

The boys reverse ...[Read more]

The boys reverse the order, but all climb up on the back of the couch for an intense rimming session. Brogan gets to receive this time, and he’s living for all the sexy sensations Cash’s talented tongue is serving up! Not to be outdone, Ty is nose deep in Cash’s cake crack, lapping the hot asshole and sending shivers up and down Cash’s spine!

Cash slips down onto the couch and ends up on all-fours. Brogan stays up on top of the furniture but spins around for Cash so he can get the full-flavor of Brogan’s hero deep down into his throat.

Brogan starts pushing Cash’s head down - Brogan wants to use every inch of his throat! Cash is happy to comply, especially since he getting a hot, bareback fucking from Ty at the other end! Ty’s smooth bod ripples with lust as he probes Cash’s welcoming love tunnel! Through several position changes Ty’s hot body and knowing smile show just how much he understands how to be a proper fuck hole… and loves it!

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