Adam Snow, Eddie Patrick, Ethan Tate, Hudson James, Nick Woods, Oliver Carter and Serg Shepard
January 10, 2024 | Full Length Video : 28min 33sec

Serg Shepard may appear as a shy pale-skinned boy next door type, but oh does he know how to milk cocks for every ounce of cum they are worth!

The sexy Adam Snow leads the pack with his thick daddy dick opening up the eager Serg, who begins stroking his own cock furiously once penetrated. Next up is tall blonde twink Nick Woods whose steady stride allows for a small amount of cum to ooze out. Ethan Tate steps up to begin longdicking Serg with his thick cock, depositing yet another load.

Tattooed muscle hunk ...[Read more]

Tattooed muscle hunk Hudson James rams his big British mushroom head into the cumdump’s sloppy hole, every thrust going balls deep before the stud start spilling on Serg’s chest.

Oliver Carter enthusiastically pumps into Serg, who moans in approval. Last, but certainly not least, the long-dicked Eddie Patrick takes his time watching as every inch of his big dick slowly disappears into the cumdump beneath him!

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