Cade Maddox, Niko Black, Spencer Daley and
June 08, 2022 | Full Length Video : 16min 49sec

You couldn’t ask for a better lineup for a Palm Springs threesome! Blond twink Spencer Daley is a fair-skinned power bottom, Cade Maddox is a horse-hung total top, and versatile Niko Black is thrilled to be in the middle of them both!

Cade is at the head of the chain. The chiseled, handsome top has Niko bobbing on his huge cock while Niko has Spencer giving him an amazing blow job.

Cade wants to ...[Read more]

Cade wants to see Niko take his entire dick down his throat, so he guides the vers man’s head down inch by inch. To Cade’s surprise, Niko takes it to the hilt! And Spencer doesn’t need any prompting, he’s deep throating Nico’s dick like a pro!

Reverse the chain and you’ve got the perfect order for a good rimming! Spencer’s grunts and moans tell you how happy he is to be on the receiving end of Niko’s talented tongue. Cade’s got Niko horned up, he can’t get enough of the anal-probing Cade is giving him!

Cade and Spencer give Niko a thorough spit-roasting that has our vers guy squirming in pleasure! Cade wants a crack at Spencer’s blond ass, so Niko and Spencer trade places and now Spencer’s the one getting spit-roasted. Spencer’s so turned on, his fair skin is almost glowing!

But here comes the sexy sandwich combo! Spencer’s on all fours, Niko’s dick is fucking that sweet blond ass, and, at the same time, Cade’s taking full command of Niko’s horny hole! Don’t miss the double breeding at the climax!

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