Mason Lear and Benji Banks
March 08, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 40sec

Benji Banks eats up Mason Lear’s cock with absolute pleasure. And why wouldn’t he? Mason is a hairy stud, and one of the most beautiful in the business.

Mason wants to show off his deepthroating skills on the twink. Mason then wastes no time mounting and pushing his throbbing cock inside Benji’s tight wet hole. Mason rams him with no mercy, only stopping to pull his cock out and blast a huge load all over Benji’s torso.

Just the sight ...[Read more]

Just the sight of this pushes Benji over the edge as he, too, unleashes hot ropes of thick cum into the pool of cum that’s covering his torso. It doesn’t matter whether Mason Lear tops or bottoms; everyone’s gonna cum!

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