Marcus Ryan, Travis Stevens and
September 21, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 50sec

College jock dream boys Marcus Ryan and Travis Stevens are great friends. Both boys have had a steady crush on one another for a long time, but have never been brave enough to admit it. Until now!

And now that these lean, fit hotties have revealed their secrets to one another, there is nothing stopping them from exploring their aching desires! Marcus invites Travis over to his place and they waste no time getting naked in the bedroom.

The fresh-faced studs ...[Read more]

The fresh-faced studs revel in a steamy make out session that results in their cocks getting as hard as they’ve ever been. Travis is eager to please his cute buddy and demonstrates his desire by lasciviously sucking Marcus’ steel hard dick. Marcus can only moan his earnest approval!

Things begin to really move along rather quickly as both hot studs anxiously want to consummate their newfound desire – and Travis has several really exciting positions in mind! It has been awhile since Marcus’ meaty ass has been fucked. And as Travis buries his tongue deep into that sweet bottom, he can tell just how tight Marcus’ hole has gotten!

Without another word, Travis slowly pushes his precum soaked penis into his playmate. Marcus can’t help but cry out with sheer delight and animal hunger for more! Travis certainly does not disappoint and gives his sweet-faced lover the pounding of his dreams.

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