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Jordan Starr, Spencer Daley and
January 19, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 14sec

Sexy blond hunk, Spencer Dailey, meets new boy, Jordan Starr, in the latest film from JasonSparksLive. Jordan is someone you’d be more than happy to make out with in an Atlanta hotel room: muscular physique, ass like a peach, cute floppy hair, smooth skin, and beautifully kissable lips.

The two men kneel on the bed, arms wrapped around each other, hands sensuously exploring each other’s bodies. They kiss passionately, slowly peeling away layers of clothes so that their beefy, perfectly-sculpted torsos can get up-close and personal.

Spencer’s soon on ...[Read more]

Spencer’s soon on his knees with his soft lips hungrily wrapped around Jordan’s impressive 9-inch tool. Jordan grabs the back of the blond boy’s head and thrusts his huge dick deep into his slutty, slimy throat. It feels remarkably good.

Jordan lies on the bed while Spencer, still in his sexy jockstrap, squats, faces away, and slowly lowers his tight, smooth ass onto the new boy’s throbbing meat. Spencer begins to ride Jordan, gasping in disbelief as the top man’s big dick creeps further and further into his quivering body.

Jordan pushes Spencer onto all fours so that he can pound him from behind. It’s time to show the blond boy what it feels like when he’s in control. He thrusts hard and fast, mercilessly and repeatedly slamming every inch of his powerful weapon into Spencer’s hungry hole. Man, this new boy can bang!

Spencer rolls onto his back, spreading his legs wide so that Jordan can stare wantonly into his eyes as the encounter reaches its sexy climax. Jordan continues to pound hard and fast, smiling wickedly as the spunk steadily rises in his ripe ‘n ready balls.

Jordan blasts a giant load deep into Spencer, who can feel the cum gushing into his guts like a fast flowing mountain stream! Now that’s how to make a decent splash with your on-screen debut!!

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