Myott Hunter and Jordan Starr
January 03, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 44sec

Myott Hunter and Jordan Starr are together again and the contrast between Myott’s slim, pale twink body and Jordan’s bronze muscles is stark and sexy. But it’s Myott who’s on top—he clearly loves Jordan’s twin melons of muscle, and the tight sweet hole resting between them!

Myott takes his time using his tongue and fingers to reduce the hot stud into a whimpering slut begging for dick–which Myott is more than happy to offer. Myott fucks Jordan slow and easy, hard and fast, and his deliberate long dicking leaves Jordan whining, “Now you’re just teasing me!”

When Myott says ...[Read more]

When Myott says he’s ready to cum, Jordan begs to have his hole bred and Myott blasts his twink load deep in the muscle stud’s ass. He leaves Jordan’s well-fucked hole dripping with cum!

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