Myott Hunter and Jordan Starr
March 29, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 45sec

Tall, chiseled Jordan Starr needs his daily cum-load, and sweet twink Myott Hunter is more than willing to donate his!

Jordan and Myott trade sucking on each other’s cocks, both eager for a salty taste. Myott takes charge and moves his lips to a different part of Jordan’s anatomy; what he really wants is Jordan’s hole. He rims it thoroughly, swirling his tongue around until Jordan’s eyes roll back in his head.

Jordan’s moaning in ...[Read more]

Jordan’s moaning in ecstasy as Myott pumps himself into the jock bottom’s hole. Precum and spit drips on the floor as his rhythm increases. Pretty soon, Myott bursts, filling Jordan’s used, dripping hole with his hot seed!

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