Brandon Lewis and Jake Woods
August 03, 2022 | Full Length Video : 39min 16sec

Jake and Brandon couldn’t be cuter. With their tan skin, spiky hair, and toned bodies, they’re the ultimate throwback hunks. They quickly move in on each other, horned up and ready to fuck.

Brandon sits back as Jake works his shaft. This dimpled man’s massive member barely fits in Jake’s mouth, but he doesn’t let that deter his duty to get Brandon off. Brandon watches as his Jake continues to worship him, taking each girthy inch into his throat.

When the tables ...[Read more]

When the tables are turned, Brandon is just as attentive to his buddy’s tool. But when he leans in to top, Brandon surprises him with a change of plans. Typical top, Brandon, gets on all fours and experiences the pleasure of bottoming for the first time!

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