Declan Mcclain and Jake Bradley
February 07, 2024 | Full Length Video : 18min 40sec

Pretty boy Declan McClain and fuck buddy Jake Bradley could be mistaken for twin brothers with their lean bodies, dark hair, and hot scruff. However, one very noticeable trait that stands out about Declan from the other hot jocks at the club are his multitude of sexy piercings: one in the right eyebrow, two diamond studs in the ears, and a tantalizing bar in each nipple.

Jake’s got a thing for smooth-bodied hunks with piercings, and Declan’s tight ass drives him absolutely wild every time they hook up. Pleasing one another by trading long, passionate, juicy rim jobs gets Declan in particular literally drooling over his buddy’s tight hole!

And once these ...[Read more]

And once these dudes get into a hot, sexy fuck rhythm together for the night, Jake’s passion turns to red-hot frenzy as he starts to drill into Declan’s pink pucker like a jack-hammer…!

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