Greg Riley and Liam Carter
March 31, 2021 | Full Length Video : 23min 20sec

Liam Carter makes his porn debut as Jason Sparks eases him into the nationwide model search. The lean, tattooed, energetic newbie can’t get enough hot sex, having spent most of his life finding wild, adventurous fun wherever he could! Luckily for us, Jason is giving this stud a chance to show off what he does best, giving him the top seat with experienced bottom all-star, Greg Riley.

Their hands work over their arms and chests as they kiss, holding each other close and enjoying the sensual connection of their hard bodies. Greg lets Liam take charge, submitting to his direction and allowing him the chance to really shine. Liam may be new to filming, but it’s clear he knows exactly what to do with an eager bottom like Greg.

While the shaved ...[Read more]

While the shaved head man begins to suck Liam’s cock, the freshman model feels his massive member swell up in Greg’s throat. He can’t believe someone so tall, muscular, and handsome can also be an expert cocksucker, making him all the more eager to try out his tight, smooth hole. He gets the bubble butt bottom on all fours, presenting his backside at the edge of the bed and burying his feels between the two meaty globes.

Liam’s tongue works its magic on Greg, making him arch his back for more, hungry to get his hole wet. Liam gives him just enough to make melt before sliding his thick, bare cock deep inside!

Liam watches as his manhood disappears in Greg’s hole, seeing it get gobbled up by the man’s muscular ass. It feels amazing to grip his hips, fucking him deep and hard like he likes. Greg can take it, though. He’s no stranger to being thoroughly fucked and used, feeling his eyes roll to the back of his head with pleasure.

Liam practically forgets about the camera, getting lost in the amazing feeling of dominating his parter. But as he pumps himself closer to climax, he can’t get enough of how well Greg grips his shaft, milking him from the inside as he drives his cock deep from outside.

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