Ethan Tate and Zayne Bright
July 06, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 14sec

Zayne just can’t get enough of the fuckbench. When he first played around in the dungeon, he felt very nervous. Being new to the world of bondage, he didn’t know what to expect, but now that he understands how things work, he’s back for more!

Ethan is really pumped to get to play with this relative newbie. He looks Zayne over from head to toe and decides to cuff the sub to the bench face down, the hardware holding Zayne in this sexy, submissive position at both the wrists and ankles, exposing both Zayne’s hot tongue and hungry hole. Some tape over the mouth means even more control for Ethan over Zayne. Just the thought-process behind the prep is enough to get Ethan rock hard!

He leaves Zayne ...[Read more]

He leaves Zayne in that state and that’s when it hits: Zayne realizes that whatever’s about to happen, he has no control over it. He can only submit to the desires of his dominator! The thought would have frightened him in the past, but now he finds himself strangely titillated by not knowing. Full submission!

Ethan re-enters the room with his huge dick semi-hard and swinging between his legs. Zayne couldn’t help but gasp a little. Ethan explores Zayne’s body; light touching is just enough to let Zayne know who’s in charge. Zayne’s a little surprised, he didn’t expect gentleness from his dom top. Now his fight or flight is kicking in because he has no way of knowing if the next touch is pleasure or pain!

It’s all part of Ethan’s plan. He starts rimming the bound boy and Zayne’s body involuntarily jumps. Just like Ethan’s wants. The gentleness of the tonguing is making Zayne crazy with anticipation and lust! His own dick is straining - sandwiched between his belly and the bench with only a black jockstrap in-between!

Next step: Ethan walks slowly around to Zayne’s red face, super-charged with hot lust! Ethan gently removes the tape and pushes his super-hard cock into his sub’s willing mouth. Zayne starts power-bobbing on the monster but Ethan slows him down. This, too, is going to be nice and slow. Over and over, Ethan pumps his dick down Zayne’s throat, relishing the sensations it’s sending to his brain. Zayne starts to moan in-between thrusts, so Ethan knows his sub is feeling it, too. Ethan increases the power, but not the speed; he’s in perfect control.

Zayne feels a mixture of disappointment and anticipation when Ethan removes himself from Zayne’s mouth. Disappointment because he really enjoyed being face-fucked, but anticipation because he doesn’t know what the dom is going to do next!

He finds out quickly as he feels the slick, slobbered-on dick poke at his hole. There’s nothing he can do about it, but why would he want to? Ethan senses Zayne’s pleasure as he enters the hot hole. The dominator spit-lubes his dick and pushes his rock-hard cock in deep… long and slow, long and slow.

Zayne groans in ecstasy as Ethan’s dick gently glides across the sub’s sensitive prostate: back and forth across his pleasure spot. Zayne gently yelps underneath his tape; this internal massage is bringing Zayne to that crossroads between pleasure and pain. Mix that with anticipation of when the dom will release him from this relentless randy rubbing and Zayne couldn’t be more on the sexual edge. Every nerve in his body seems to have focused on this P-spot gentle pounding and they’re reaching fever pitch!

Then Zayne hears it: that catch in the dom top’s voice that tells the orgasm is about to become unstoppable. Ethan suddenly picks up the pace, relentlessly pounding Zayne’s hole and breaking the silence which he maintained as the Dominator. His face pinches in breeder ecstasy, he’s gonna blast!

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