Eddie Patrick and Oliver Carter
January 03, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 49sec

Now that it had been perfectly established that monstrously endowed muscle-daddy Eddie Patrick would be Oliver Carter’s cock-master, the playmates were constantly all over each other.

Naked in a flash once alone, cute twink Oliver frotted with Eddie in a way that drove the constantly rock-hard daddy absolutely wild. Eddie understood full well that Oliver would do anything for Eddie’s monster, so when the DILF commanded the lust-struck twink to drop to his knees and get that dick slick with the boy’s warm, juicy saliva, there was no argument—just rivulets of precum oozing from the daddy-dazed fuck doll.

Wasn’t long before ...[Read more]

Wasn’t long before Oliver was bent over and begging Eddie to smash that massive cock inside of him. And although Eddie had worked it as deep as it would go, there were still inches to spare…

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