March 22, 2023 | Full Length Video : 27min 55sec

After a draining soccer practice, team captain Dante Foxx returned to his dorm and started taking a shower. What he didn't know was that his teammate—and secret admirer—Grayson Lane was already there! He had snuck into Dante’s room while the jock captain was busy.

Grayson made a bee-line to Dante’s underwear drawer, yanked it open, and grabbed the first jockstrap he saw. The naughty twink immediately pressed the ribbed fabric up to his face and breathed in. God! He worshiped that aroma, that mixture of masculine exertion and release. He'd risk anything for it; it made him hard as steel the moment it touched his senses.

Dante arrived back ...[Read more]

Dante arrived back from the shower. To say that he was shocked by what he found would be an understatement. But, he was also turned on—he'd had his own dirty thoughts about this little twink thief for a long time.

Dante dropped the towel, exposing his long, thick cock. He never thought the opportunity to punish the naughty little pervert would present itself so easily. Dante took Grayson’s mouth and rammed his meat straight down the twink’s throat. This moaning jock-sniffer got pounded in both ends—furious retribution of his mouth and asshole that neither will likely forget, or regret.

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