November 09, 2022 | Full Length Video : 33min 6sec

Masyn Thorne has got a passion for kinky sex and lurid action that fuckbuddy Elliot Finn finds hot as blazes! So when Masyn finds himself tied up, bound and blindfolded, his cock springs to full attention and begins to drool pre-cum in response to Elliot’s erotic touch.

Elliot wraps his lips around Masyn’s thick tree-trunk of a cock and it doesn’t take long for the incapacitated twink to beg to be set free from his bindings so he can get his aching, bobbing boy-rod deep inside of Elliot’s sweet, tight ass. Elliot takes sheer delight in being completely filled to the depths with Masyn’s battering ram of a cock.

Elliot’s deliriously intense ...[Read more]

Elliot’s deliriously intense orgasm leaves a massive messy puddle of semen all over his own chest and abs. Masyn is quick to take a taste! The combination of Elliot’s powerful blast and the delicious taste of his lover’s semen makes Masyn launch an incredibly mind-blowing cum shot deep inside Elliot.

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