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January 04, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 11sec

Jordan is Dakota’s special boy because he’ll do anything for this young, hung master. Even if it means he has to work twice as hard to please when he messes up…

Tattooed top Dakota impatiently pushes cum-dump Jordan onto a trunk before aggressively thrusting a hungry, wet tongue deep into the sexy boy’s tight ass. Dakota doesn't waste time—after a quick taste, he pushes his 9-inch rock-hard dick deep into Jordan’s quivering hole.

Dakota reclines back ...[Read more]

Dakota reclines back with Jordan bouncing up and down like a champion jockey riding a thoroughbred. Dakota skewers his slave with increasing speed and force. Jordan’s wet and panting from his long breeding; no surprise since Dakota rams into his cum-dump’s prostate repeatedly.

Jordan is overcome with lust and starts to jerk himself. No surprise, the cum-dump sprays a thick, pearlescent load all over his chest and belly. Dakota eats it all up before pulling out of Jordan’s ass and firing his own impressive load onto his cumdump.

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