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Alex, Brogan, & Scott in San Antonio

January 01, 2018 | Full Length Video : 19min 51sec

The boys quickly get down to business, with Alex sucking Brogan while Brogan sucks Scott. Then Scott and brogan stand up to let Alex work on both of them, individually and then at the same time. It isn't long before Alex gets in position and starts getting fucked by Brogan while still sucking Scott's hard cock. Brogan gets on his back and Alex slides him inside but not long after Scott sticks his hard cock in too completely filling Alex's hole with both their dicks. Brogan then pulls out and gets in position for Alex to suck him while Scott keeps fucking Alex. Brogan is the first to cum shooting his load all over Scott's chin, neck, chest and even the bed. Not long after Scott cums as well breeding Alex with his big load that he lets drip out before thrusting it back in.

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