Jax Thirio and Troye Jacobs
July 20, 2022 | Full Length Video : 27min 31sec

Jax Thirio’s hot DILF body has definitely seen some sun! His all-over tan shows off his strong muscles and hot crotch, especially with twink Troye Jacobs and his pale ass snuggled up against his olive skin.

After their long makeout session, Troye takes a deep dive down on Jax’ huge daddy dick. That throat has to open wide to take everything in, and Jax isn’t about to let him get away with half-assing this blowjob!

Jax wants to ...[Read more]

Jax wants to guide his twink’s talented mouth and quickly learns that isn’t necessary; Troye knows his way around a beautiful cock. Every time Jax reaches to push Troye’s head down onto his member, Jax instead throws his head back in lust.

Jax wants to return to that sweet, pale ass of Troye’s and go diving deep in the twink’s hot crevice! Troye is loving the sensations coming to him as Jax flicks his tongue all around his hole! Jax licks across, Jax licks up-and-down. Jax even gets a piston motion going in and out. It's a masterclass in how to rim a beautiful bottom boy!

With Troye’s hole properly prepped, Jax and his dick are ready to let loose. Jax starts by enveloping Troye’s pale young body with his dark DILF form. Jax enters gently at first, pushing his cock tip past Troye’s slippery sphincter. The tonguing he got earlier makes this entry a smooth one, as smooth as Troye’s skin. Before long, both are moaning and both the fucker and the fuckee are in perfect sync with each other’s bodies!

Troye starts stroking in rhythm with Jax and his long-dicking. The DILF dick is gliding right across Troye’s P-spot sending even more strong sensations throughout the boy’s beautiful body!

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