Andrew Delta, Devin Franco, Dylan Hayes, Eddie Patrick, Jordan Starr, Milo Miles, Sean Xavier, T.d. Graham and
December 27, 2023 | Full Length Video : 26min 14sec

T.D. Graham is a cock and cum addict and he’s not ashamed about that in the least!

As he sits on the couch surrounded by sexy men, there’s a gleeful smirk on his face as the first contender walks up and has him get on all fours. Whether it's the hard-and-rough pounding from beefcakes Sean Xavier and Jordan Starr or the slower-and-deeper rhythmic strokes from Dylan Hayes and Andrew Delta, T.D. begs and pleads for more.

T.D. doesn’t have ...[Read more]

T.D. doesn’t have many rules as to how these men use him. He only demands that they make sure every single, hard inch makes its way deep into his hole, and that every drop of every single one of their loads is deposited directly into his guts.

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