Sean Duran & Liam Carter in Atlanta

June 09, 2021 | Full Length Video : 24min 22sec

Versatile stud Liam is dwarfed by Sean’s massive size. The thick, muscular bodybuilder takes up more than his fair share of the bed in their Atlanta hotel room. Luckily for Liam, Sean is more than willing to pull him in close, letting the lad grab on those bulging pecs and biceps while they kiss and get acquainted.

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Sean might look like rough trade with his shaved head, big body, and collection of tattoos, but when his lips are locked with Liam, he’s as gentle as they come. His hands explore Liam’s lean body, feeling around his chest and backside before pulling out his veiny cock. Liam loves the sweet, cuddly way Sean kisses him, but he can’t deny that he’s hungry to see his aggressive alpha-top side as well!

Liam swallows Sean’s cock, tasting its delicious juices as he laps up the sweat and precum it serves up. Sean stands tall, looking like a smooth statue as Liam worships that shaft down to the balls. Liam bobs up and down, holding the big member in his throat until it chokes him. But he doesn’t retreat. He keeps going, eager to make Sean’s shaft leak more of his amazing nectar.

Once the shaft is good and wet, Sean picks Liam up and puts him on all fours on the edge of the bed. He gets down to eat his ass watching how it beautifully spreads, presenting two round cheeks for his tongue to slip between. Liam arches his back, making sure Sean can really bury his face in his soft, smooth buttocks. Sean’s hands grab each globe, getting himself deep between them as he whirls his tongue like a cyclone, readying his bottom for a hardcore, bareback pounding.

Liam practically begs to feel Sean’s meat inside him, and the muscle daddy does not make him wait. Sean holds Liam in place as he slides his cock in deep, going from 0 to 60 with an intense fuck that has Liam moaning and smiling with delight. Sean is an absolute pro when it comes to breeding a hungry bottom, and he knows just how to pace his thrusts to get Liam desperate for more.

Sean jackhammers his bottom, dominating him as he watches his shaft disappear inside Liam’s guts. Sean’s muscular ass works like jet engines, giving him even more power as he plunges hard again and again into Liam’s hole.

Liam then mounts on top of Sean, riding him like a mechanical bull as the big man continues to fuck him hard and deep. Liam sees heaven every time Sean hits his prostate; he can feel his urge to cum grow with every second.

Sean can tell Liam is ready to blow, but he wants to get his own load out first. Taking Liam from behind, the muscle bull pounds hard into Liam’s ass, giving him an intense, earth-shaking experience as they race to the finish. Sean’s cock bursts inside Liam’s hole, filling it with his thick, protein-rich DNA, injecting Liam with a dose of testosterone that’s sure to make him stronger the next day! Liam feels every drop and can’t wait for more!

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