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Connor taylor Encounter 1: sean duran bottoms

February 17, 2021 | Full Length Video : 23min 43sec

Wiry twink Connor Taylor is delivering pizza to muscle hunk Sean Duran, who immediately recognizes him from Grindr. This is the twink’s last stop for the night, so Sean invites him into his bed. This is a hot pairing: Sean is massive next to Connor’s slight frame. He’s also tanned and heavily tatted compared to the fair-skinned twink.

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After some groping and kissing, Connor shows Sean why his profile name is “hungtwink.” He tears off his pants and lays on the bed, and Sean gets down between his thighs to suck his balls and draw Connor’s long cock into his mouth, working the pole with skill. It definitely gets Connor worked up, because he commands Sean to get on all fours so he can rim that muscle ass.

Connor eats Sean’s ass for a good long while until Sean demands he gets that huge cock deep. Sean jerks himself as Connor goes balls deep and starts riding him doggy style. It’s not long before Sean cums all over the bed beneath him. But Connor isn’t done. He whips out his phone to record his big dick sinking in and out of Sean’s bubble butt.

“Gimme that fuckin’ load,” Sean begs, and Connor thrusts harder. Connor pulls out to bust a serious nut, cumming all over Sean’s smooth round ass, and then shoves his cock right back in to the hilt.

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Connor Taylor

Connor Taylor: Chapters
1. Bob Lemus Bottoms 41mn
I knew I was gonna like Bob from the moment I heard his voice. He sounded a little nervous when he booked himself in for a massage, but his voice was really deep and very sexy. When he arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. He had that proper DILF thing going for him. He was tall, had a shaved head, a sexy little moustache and there was a damned fine torso underneath that T-shirt. I brought him into the massage room and gave him the spiel about stripping naked and getting himself face down on the table. I always leave the room when they’re taking their clothes off but sometimes can’t help but take a little peek back through the door. I’ve always been a bit of a voyeur and, on this occasion, was quite keen to see what Bob was packing! I got a fairly instant hard on when he whipped off his jeans and it became apparent that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His ass looked like it had been chiseled out of an expensive piece of marble! His body had that amazing V-shape and his torso was rippling with muscles. As he walked towards the table I could see that he was semi-hard himself. My reputation as the masseur who sometimes goes the extra mile obviously precedes me! I waited for him to get settled on the table before making my entrance. I always start the treatment immediately. I don’t think anyone turns up for a massage wanting ridiculous small talk. I don’t even play music these days. I like my clients to hear the sound of my hands gliding across their bodies. And I want to hear their breathing and the subtle groans and sighs they make which tell me I’m hitting the right spot. …And Bob’s sighs were deep. It was fairly obvious that he was deriving sexual pleasure from what I was doing. It was certainly not going to be inappropriate for me to take my T-shirt off! The more I massaged, the more I appreciated his body. Every muscle had been worked on. Not to excess - but just to the right level. I switched to massaging with one hand so that I could shove the other down the front of my shorts and play with my dick, which had sprung to attention like a well-trained soldier! My shorts came off in seconds. I knew he’d noticed, but he pretended not to be fazed. I allowed my hard dick to occasionally brush against his body as I continued to massage his back. It wasn’t long before I decided to take things up a notch, moving around to the top of the table and allowing my cock to subtly bounce up and down on the back of his head. It’s a move I’m quite partial to. The guys with hair tend to take a while to notice what I’m doing, but shaved-headed dudes like Bob feel it immediately. And when it’s skin on skin like that, the feeling is highly intimate and very very sexy. Bob allowed me to carry on massaging, with my dick like that for some time. Usually the clients can’t resist bringing a hand up and giving my dick a quick tug. Things always move fairly rapidly from there. I was actually beginning to wonder if I’d made a potentially embarrassing assumption about Bob. Perhaps he was lying there, quietly seething, about to leap off the table, call me a pervert and start throwing punches… Then I saw his hand slowly making its way up the table. Moments later, it was wrapped around my dick, and pretty soon after that he’d started to suck me off. And boy did Bob know how to suck! His lips were full, soft and wet. He slid them up and down the entire length of my shaft, effortlessly taking my helmet deep into the dark, velvety recesses of his throat. It was almost as though he were attempting to pleasure me with his mouth as much as I’d pleasured him with my hands. I didn’t want him to stop. Bob was turning me on big time! I told him to get on all fours, walked round to the other side of the table and allowed my tongue to flicker and dance over his tight hole. He started gasping real loud while tugging at his dick. I pulled his muscular cheeks apart and teased my tongue deeper and deeper into his ass. I wanted him wet and totally gagging for me. I pulled him around to the side of the table and told him I was gonna fuck him. I realised some time ago that these big, butch, muscle men quite like to be ordered around by a skinny ginger Twink like me. I bet he has a really powerful job. I bet he’s screwing people over and ordering everyone around every hour of his working day and just wants someone else to be in charge from time to time. He put one knee up on the table and kept one leg on the floor which had the effect of pulling his cheeks apart so that my 9-inch dick could slide in real nice and slow. I started fucking him pretty soon after entering, and he was yelling and moaning so loud that I started worrying about the neighbours! It was too horny to tell him to shut up. I loved that I was sending him over the edge. He kept bringing his hand back and pushing my thigh, I assume to get me to go slower or less deep, but I just kept pounding and he just kept panting like a bitch on heat. I took him faster and faster. I get real horny when I’m calling the shots like that and sending an older dude into a place of uncontrollable sexual ecstasy. For those few minutes, he existed purely to pleasure me. And he knew it. As usual, I got my phone out and started filming myself as I mercilessly rammed my cock into him. This was gonna make for a pretty horny future viewing! I couldn’t wait to watch it back! I realised I wanted to shoot, so I threw the phone down and started focusing on banging him as hard and as fast as I could. I blasted right into his guts. I knew he’d want to go back to work with an ass full of my semen. He’d be in an important meeting and feel it slowly trickling out… I knew I’d shot big. I hadn’t cum for a few days and when I pulled out of him a great dollop of the stuff came out and spattered onto the floor.
3. Braden Rush Bottoms 40mn
Super twink delivery boy Connor Taylor strikes again! After Connor receives a cash tip from Braden Rush, he gets a better idea, and he grabs the older man’s crotch. The two make out in Braden’s living room before heading to the bedroom, where Connor climbs on top of Braden on the bed. After another make-out session, he removes everything but his underwear and then gets to work on the buttons of Braden’s shirt. Connor's long cock is already rock hard in his boxer briefs when Braden rips them off, letting the twink's cock spring out against his stomach with a slap. Braden deep throats him right away, trying his best to swallow the whole pole. When Connor suggests rimming Braden’s ass, Braden jumps out of bed and tears off his clothes. Connor kisses, licks, and tongue fucks Braden’s hole, making the older man writhe and moan. This gets Connor ready to fuck. He rubs the head of his cock up and down over Braden’s hole and then goes in slowly, waiting only a moment before going balls deep. Braden arches his back and leans back into Connor’s strokes as the top whips out his phone to add another video to his gallery of asses he owns. Connor gets Braden to the side of the bed, chest down and ass up, and Braden starts begging for that twink load. “Give it to me, boy! Gimme that load!” Braden moans. The vocal urging pushes Connor over the edge, and he dumps a big load into Braden’s hole before pulling out to see his handiwork. Cum leaks out of Braden for just a moment before Connor plunges right back, leaning down against Braden’s back and pulling his head back to kiss him.
4. Greg Riley Bottoms 29mn
Sexy, brooding DILF, Greg, has ordered pizza, but when Brent, the gawky, blond delivery boy turns up, it soon becomes clear that he’s forgotten the bread sticks. Horrified by his mistake, Brent immediately calls a co-worker and asks him to drop by at the address with a fresh order. The shaven-headed hairy DILF is quick to make a move and invites the nervous blond lad to join him on the bed. Greg is plainly hungry because he’s soon eating the smooth boy’s face, tongue rammed hard down his throat. They get naked. Brent’s beautiful and fat dick is surprisingly large. Greg likes nothing more than a big twink dick and is soon on all fours sucking the boy like his life depends on it. At that moment, geeky, ginger-haired delivery boy, Connor, arrives with the bread sticks. He walks straight into the bedroom and is shocked to find his co-worker making out with an older man. Surprise gives way to horniness and Connor rapidly gets in on the action, stripping naked before using his snake-like tongue to probe Greg’s ripe, daddy hole. The boys switch places so that Brent can familiarize himself with the ass he’s about to bang. After getting the DILF’s hole good and ready, Brent spits on his big dick and slowly sinks it into the older man’s boulder-like ass. He’s thrusting himself in and out of it real fast and hard within seconds. He gasps with unadulterated, lust-fuelled pleasure as his raw dick explores every available internal inch. It’s Connor’s turn to bang the daddy now. He casually rams his long dick into Greg’s opened-up hole, pounding him relentlessly. Connor orders Greg to get on his back and the two boys kneel over him, jerking themselves frantically. Brent is the first to fire. He squirts a thick creamy layer all over Greg’s clippered, hairy chest. Seconds later, Connor blasts watery semen across the sexy DILF’s washboard stomach.
5. Greg Riley Bottoms 43mn
My name is Connor. I’m twenty years old and I’m a masseur. I won’t always be a masseur. I don’t really know what I wanna do instead, but while I’m at college, there are certainly worse ways to make a few extra dollars. I like giving pleasure to guys. In fact, it gives me quite a rush! It’s a power thing, I think. I was always a weedy, dweeby kid. My dad used to say I looked like a ginger pole! Bigger guys never really looked at me or gave me the time of day! But when I started the massages, I realized I could get these burly, older, masculine dudes moaning and whimpering! And since I always had a thing for guys like that, it always got me kinda hard! Not only that, it’s amazing how often they get hard themselves! I’m talking about straight, married men! I always know the ones who are gonna get frisky. They blush when I open the door and can’t quite look me in the eye. Then, when they’re relaxed, and lying safely on their front, they get a bit handsy! They’re all subtle at first, you know, testing the waters. But if they’re hot, I’ll certainly play along. I make sure I push my leg against their hand or thigh as I’m working on their back. I don’t bother with underwear, so, when I get hard, my soccer shorts start tenting big time. And if they’re lucky, I might let the bulge brush against them… Then I take it from there. Sometimes I take it all the way. I had a super hot guy in last week. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve always had a pretty major thing for guys who shave their heads. And if they’re muscular and manly on top of that, well, the blood starts rushing, uncontrollably, to all parts of my body! Greg was a new client. Hot as hell, late 30s, a bit of stubble, hairy chest. A body to freakin’ die for! But I could have sworn he was straight! Maybe I was so into him that my subconscious assumed he was straight to save me from the disappointment of finding out he didn’t like 20 year-old, redhead twinks! He certainly seemed a little nervous when he came in. The straight guys often are. When I told him I’d give him a bit of privacy while he stripped off, he hovered and made sure I’d left the room before getting naked. When I got back in the room, he was lying face down on the massage table. My God, that was a sight! His bulked-up legs were slightly apart and his muscular, pert ass… Man, it was screaming to be fucked! I literally couldn’t take my eyes off it and was very grateful that he was face down! I don’t think I’ve ever started a massage desperately willing the client to make a pass at me! I was pretty liberal with the massage oil. I wanted to make sure every inch of his body was covered, so I could work my fingers deep into every one of his muscles. It’s always such a privilege to massage a man who’s that well-built and within seconds, I was hard as all hell! I have a bit of a trick that I use when I want to know if a guy is getting sexually aroused. I work both hands into their waist, just above the ass. Turns out it’s an erogenous zone for most guys. If they’re completely straight, they’ll either act like it’s tickling them or they’ll start to tense up. If I feel them relaxing into it, it’s often safe to assume they’re turned on. Usually they can’t help but let out a little moan. They try not to, but I hear it… Sadly, Greg’s response was a little unclear. He certainly didn’t tense up and I could swear his breathing had started to deepen… I took my T-shirt off and moved down to his legs, trying to switch my mind away from the idea of sex. But, fuck me, those thighs! I’ve seldom felt anything as muscular and thick! My arms must have looked like twigs as I worked them! His thigh was bigger than my waist! It turned me on so much. Without even thinking about it, I reached down into my shorts and grabbed my dick. What the hell? I kept thinking how unprofessional I was being. I was massaging a client with one hand because I wanted to hold my rock hard cock in the other! That’s enough to instantly get a masseur struck off! But he was moaning. He had to be into it! In a moment of absolute insanity, I let my shorts fall down. I carried on massaging Greg, heart thumping in my head, trying to think through all the possibilities. What the fuck was I doing? I kept wondering if I should put my shorts back on, but they’d slipped off so easily that I’d have brought more attention to myself by getting into them again. In another crazily irrational moment, I moved around to the front of the table and leaned over Greg, massaging him so that my hard dick was literally rubbing against the top of his head. If he hadn’t realised I was rock hard by then, he certainly would now! As I stretched down to massage his ass, my dick glided over the back of his head and pushed against his neck. He didn’t complain. Surely he’d have stopped things by now if he wasn’t into it? And it felt so good to be rubbing against the light fuzzy stubble on the back of his head… And bingo! He suddenly brought his hand up from his side and grabbed my dick. I didn’t know if I was more relieved or horny! He squeezed it, jerked it a bit - still lying face down - maybe pretending somehow it wasn’t him! I’ve no idea what goes through my clients’ minds when they do something like that. All I know is that it felt real good… Seconds later, he was leaning up on the table, sucking every fucking inch of my dick and making me moan like crazy. Greg knew exactly what he was doing! This wasn’t some inexperienced straight guy fumbling about for the first time… My dick felt like it was gliding into his soft, warm mouth and all the way down into his throat. It made me shudder, shiver. It was like my entire body was trying to follow my cock into his sexy mouth - like he was sucking my insides, you know? And he was hungry for it. It was like he wanted to pleasure me as much as I’d pleasured him. The power was all in his hands. It felt like I needed to take control again: “get on all fours, I wanna rim you…” The words shot out of my mouth before I’d had the chance to think about what I was saying, but he obliged. Within seconds I was eating him out, making it very clear that I expected him to take my dick. He tasted so good. His ass cheeks were like two boulders. Like a sort of cave, high up in a mountain range, which you have to squeeze inside! He responded to every movement of my tongue, groaning deeply and expectantly… It was time! The massage table is just the right height. It’s taken me a while to get it just so, but if you’re a masseur who occasionally offers a bonus service, you need to know you’re gonna be able to get the job done without any fumbling about! His ass felt as good as I expected it to feel. I slid right in - all the way up to my nuts. I could feel him opening up as I pushed in, then squeezing my dick as I pulled back out, so all I could do was push back into him again. It was almost like I was being sucked into that greedy ass of his. I fucked him raw. I think we were both so horned up that it would have felt wrong to even ask about a condom! Besides, I wanted to feel every last stroke as I massaged his insides! I asked if I could record myself fucking him. It’s a thing I do. It's like a sort of trophy. It’s great to have the footage on my laptop when I’m horny in the night and can’t be bothered to get onto one of the apps. I fucked him for at least ten minutes - him squatting on the massage table, me standing behind, grinding my raw dick into him, angling my hips to push myself into every nook and cranny up there. I kept the pace nice and relaxed. That’s my job after all! I fucked him until I needed to cum. I knew I was ready to blow, so I sped things up a bit and he started to moan real loud. I fucked him very hard. I slapped my balls against his peachy ass whilst the cum rose like sap in my body. I kinda wanted to blow inside him. In the heat of the moment, I thought how fucking hot it would be to send him home to his girlfriend with cum deep in his ass. But in the end, I blew all over his back before pushing my dick back into him, just to show him who’s in charge, and to keep him thinking about me until he comes back for more. And, after that red hot session, the one thing I can guarantee about Greg is that he’ll come back for more!
6. Jason Sparks Bottoms 42mn
Wearing just a towel, Jason answers a knock at the door. It’s Connor, delivering Jason’s food order. The look of the tall twink gets Jason boned up immediately, and while he turns to fetch a tip. Connor doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s looking at Jason’s muscular back with a hungry and approving stare. As Jason turns to give Connor some cash, he drops the towel. The twink takes the cash reflexively, but his eyes are on Jason’s cock. And his hand soon follows. The two move to the bedroom where Jason strips Connor revealing a massive, hard cock. Jason kneels to suck Connor and the twink bucks into his mouth with a hand behind Jason’s head. Later, Connor gets Jason bent over the bed and kneels down to get his tongue deep in Jason’s ass, preparing him to take his big dick. Doggy style on the bed, Jason moans loudly as Connor pushes deep into him on the first thrust. Jason gets more than he paid for from this hung twink, and Connor isn’t a gentle fuck. He picks up the pace and starts slamming Jason’s ass. Then he pulls out his phone to get some video of his cock deep dicking Jason’s smooth ass. Jason suggests getting on his back and the two move to the edge of the bed where Connor can plunge into Jason’s hole even deeper. As he gets close, Connor really pounds into Jason, who begs Connor to breed him. Connor pulls out to see his cum leaking, and then shoves his cock right back in and gives Jason a kiss goodbye. Jason is definitely going to be using this delivery service more often!
7. Jax Atwell Bottoms 34mn
The experience of going for a massage can be both relaxing and incredibly arousing! The recipient submits himself to the whims of the masseur. If he’s feeling strong, the masseur might go a little deeper. If he’s sleepy, the massage may end up feeling more relaxed. But what if the masseur’s feeling horny? Connor prides himself on giving a pretty decent massage. It’s something he’s always enjoyed doing and it became a good way to pay off his student debts after college. When people find out what Connor does, they’re often confused. He couldn’t really look less like a masseur if he tried: pale, stick thin, long limbed, and painfully shy. But this geeky-looking red-head has clients who come back again and again… Connor knows within minutes if he fancies a client. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, he’s not averse to the idea of gliding his oiled handa bit further between the legs, a little nearer to the ass. Just in case… That day’s client was called Jax. Connor had liked Jax’ voice from the moment he’d called to book his appointment. He also liked his name. It sounded strong and masculine, so when the doorbell went, he actually felt a flutter of excitement! The massage table was set up in the front room of Connor’s parent’s house. They were away for the week and he was house-sitting. Connor opened the door and the flutter instantly became a rush of blood which went straight to his cock! Jax was dark and tanned with just the right amount of facial hair. He plainly had a very good body under those loose-fitting clothes. Connor assumed he was straight and probably way out of his league, so as he left the massage room to give Jax a bit of privacy whilst undressing, he decided to keep things professional. Sadly, his cock didn’t get the memo! Connor walked back into the room to find Jax lying almost naked, face down on the massage table, his jockstrap framing a perfect, smooth bubble butt. Connor wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts, so, when his dick stood to attention, it stuck out of the fabric at a 90 degree angle. “Thank God he’s face down,” he thought… Connor immediately got some oil on Jax’ back and started working it in. He’d got the vibe from Jax that he wanted a light, gentle massage. No deep tissue work. Just a relaxed, unhurried, sensual rub down. He slowly worked his hands down Jax’ back, but couldn’t take his eyes off his ass. It was SO good: pert, peachy, muscular. “One touch,” he thought, whilst allowing his hand to drift across Jax’ ass cheek. It felt incredible. Jax shuddered and Connor tried to work out if it was a good “do that again” shudder, or a “take your filthy hands off me” shudder! He turned his attention to Jax’ legs but before long, his hands had made their way back up to Jax’ ass. He rubbed it with a little more confidence this time and Jax moaned again. It was a definite moan of pleasure. Connor could see goosebumps forming on the top of his arms. Connor decided to take his T-shirt off. His pale body didn’t have an ounce of fat on it and in recent months, he’d been hitting the gym, working on his six pack. He was looking good. Jax made ever-more appreciative sounds as the massage continued. The noises made Connor feel more confident. And horny. He fiddled with his hard cock through his baggy shorts, before allowing them to fall to the floor. Jax would have seen the shorts hitting the carpet through the hole in the table. He’d have known that Connor was getting naked, but he didn’t complain. Connor was almost on a promise... Connor’s dick was an absolute monster and it stood proudly in the center of a neatly-trimmed ginger bush. He moved around to the front of the massage table. His fully-erect cock hovered over, and then gently rubbed against, the back of Jax’ head. At that moment Jax brought his hand up and grabbed Connor’s dick. He was still face down on the massage table but he was plainly surprised and excited by its length and girth. Connor flushed red with excitement. This was gonna be awesome. Within seconds, Jax had turned around and was sucking Connor; real slowly at first, then good and deep, taking the full length down into his throat. Nothing felt rushed. Everything had the same, grinding, erotic pace as the massage itself. Jax’ wet lips felt so good on Connor’s dick, and Connor gently pushed himself in a little further with every stroke. He imagined shooting deep into Jax’ throat. It wouldn’t be a massive blast, it would be slow-release: one of those orgasms that lasts twice as long. With every slow thrust, he’d release a little more of his seed… Connor was literally on the brink, but realised he wasn’t ready for things to end. “I wanna fuck that ass” he said, “get on your back…” He wasn’t usually that forward, particularly with a lad as sexy as Jax, but he could tell that Jax’ entire body was rippling with wave after wave of sexual need. Jax immediately got on his back, closed his eyes, and waited for that moment of complete satisfaction. Connor slid his cock into Jax real slow. There was no reason to make the fuck any faster than anything which had happened between them up to that point. Jax shivered and gasped in ecstasy as the 9-inch cock gradually slid into his stomach. He could feel it so deep inside and wondered if any cock had ever gotten so far into him. In pure ecstasy, he started to mumble, “best massage I’ve ever gotten…” Connor climbed onto the table and the intense grinding continued with Jax now on all fours. Both lads knew that this was a quality fuck. Connor wanted to remember the moment, so he took his phone out and started to film himself pushing in and out of his client, grabbing hold of his jockstrap with the other hand. He then started fucking Jax even more deeply, arching his back as he pushed every inch of himself inside. His lithe body had never looked so well-defined and sexy. He’d never felt so aroused. Connor felt the seed growing deep inside his body, tingling into his balls then flooding up the shaft of his cock. He pulled out just as jets of thick cum started to spray all over Jax’ tight, tanned ass cheeks. He pushed himself back in as the orgasm subsided, moaning deeply. Jax, still in the moment, started muttering his thanks. Connor smiled to himself, wondering whether the next message ought to be for free!
8. Killian Knox Bottoms 34mn
When Killian Knox ordered his pad thai, he was craving something lean, stringy, and full of nuts. Little did he know his delivery boy would fit that order perfectly all on his own! Killian was instantly hungry for the tall, skinny ginger who came to his door, forgetting all about his food and lusting instead for some hard, twink cock. Connor was happy to take a break for the horny muscle daddy. The two wasted no time in getting intimately acquainted, kissing and feeling up each other’s bodies as their concealed manhoods grew bigger and bigger. When Killian took off his shirt, Connor could see the handsome man’s firm, built body. He had a beautiful chest and toned abs to match his bulging biceps. But it was the sight of his round, muscled ass that made the boy’s hard-on desperate to pop out. Dropping his pants, Connor gave the hungry older man a view of his massive, nine-inch cock, and Killian moaned at the sight. Killian took it down to the base, feeling the boy’s soft, ginger pubes brush against his salt and pepper mustache as he swallowed it deep. He gagged again and again as Connor watched in delight. As he looked down, he could see the arch of the man’s back, presenting his backside like it was a dessert, making Connor’s mouth water for a taste. Bending the big guy over, Connor buried his face between his cheeks, licking his asshole with his long tongue. Killian held himself up, spreading his legs apart as wide as he could to give the young delivery boy an all-access pass to his sphincter. Seeing it glisten with his spit, Connor wanted to see how it looked with his cock sliding inside. Kneeling behind him, Connor gently pressed his cock up against Killian’s hole, feeling the rush of warmth engulf the head of his meat as it slowly disappeared inside. Killian let out a moan of absolute satisfaction as each subsequent inch of Connor's shaft made its way toward his prostate. Killian smiled as Connor began to pump his guts, working him into a puddle of pleasure. Killian bucked back, milking the boy’s tool, anticipating the eruption of cum that would soon flood his ass.
9. Riley Mitchell Bottoms 22mn
Young Connor’s getting quite a name for himself in these parts! The tall, nerdy-looking redhead has been studying at a local college for about a year now. Some of the locals know him as a masseur who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for his clients. Others know him as a horny pizza delivery guy who’ll very happily take someone’s butt instead of a tip! The guys at the pizza restaurant can’t work out why he’s requested by name so often! Riley lives across town from the pizza restaurant, but a recent hook-up told him about a hung, cute, ginger delivery guy who worked there. The guy’s name was Connor and he’d apparently had sex with quite a few of the older men to whom he’d delivered pizzas! The idea excited Riley more than it probably should have. Skinny ginger twinks have always gone straight to the front of his particular queue, so he took himself off to the restaurant one night to see if he could catch a glimpse of the legendary pizza boy. He didn’t have to hang about outside for long. Connor emerged from the restaurant within minutes and Riley was able to get a good look at him. Connor was almost exactly his type. He liked the fact that he looked a bit geeky. He liked it even more that you could tell he was hung just by looking at the bulge in his pants! Riley headed home, and ordered pizza every night for the next five days, feeling increasingly disappointed when seemingly every other pizza boy in town arrived at his door! But finally, on Tuesday night, his luck changed… Connor sauntered into his sitting room holding a pizza box and smiling, perhaps a little expectantly. Riley immediately engaged the boy in some fairly unconvincing small talk. Riley’s very popular with younger guys. Sure, he’s a little on the short side, but he’s bearded and handsome, covered in sexy tattoos, and built like a brick house! Riley told Connor he thought he’d seen him at the restaurant, a statement which sounded pretty lame as it fell out of his mouth! As he went through the pockets of his shorts to pay Connor, he said, “I thought you were really cute…” Fortunately, Connor instantly took the bait and said, “well thank you…” before pretty much blowing Riley’s mind by saying he had a break for a few minutes if he wanted to do anything! It was that easy! Moments later, Connor had thrown his shoes off and both men were on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, ripping bits of clothing off and kissing passionately. Riley went straight for Connor’s dick, pulling it out of his jeans to see how large it really was. Riley loved the way that Connor’s dick tasted and he was impressed to discover the young man was a little more assertive than he'd expected! Riley prides himself on giving amazing head, and took Connor’s dick right into his throat while the pizza boy moaned appreciatively and spread his long, thin, pale legs wider and wider on the bed. Connor told Riley to get on all fours so he could stick his long tongue into the older man’s muscular butt. Riley couldn’t quite believe how good Connor’s tongue felt as it danced its way into his crack and prepped him for what was sure to be the ride of his life! Riley’s entire body was suddenly shaking in extreme anticipation! Connor slowly pushed his long dick into Riley, who almost felt like he was being split in two. Connor’s strokes were deep and slow. He pushed himself into the older man’s ass right up to his nuts and then pulled out, almost to the head. Riley had expected quite a rushed, hard fuck. Most twinks, in his limited experience, get a little over-excited and start banging like rabbits once they get inside someone! Not Connor… His fucking is the epitome of laidbackness. Connor’s tempo increased very slowly, and he arched his back to get more thrust into Riley, who’d entered an almost dreamlike place of very deep ecstasy. Riley was a little surprised when Connor asked if he could film himself fucking, but figured if the boy was into it enough to want the fuck filmed, things were plainly going well! The pace picked up again, and Connor started to slam himself into Riley with such force it took Riley’s breath away and left him unable to do anything but moan. Connor, meanwhile, was unable to do anything other than bolt his thick, creamy load inside Riley’s ass. Not a bad tip, he thought, for a Tuesday!
11. Kyle Bryce Bottoms 42mn
Looks like power twink Connor Taylor is supplementing his part time food delivery gig with work as a private masseur. Kyle Bryce is invited to strip and get on the Connor’s table. There’s no pretense of modesty here - no warm towel to cover his unmentionables. Kyle puts his perked up nips and cock right on the cold leather and Connor gets to work with the oil. Kyle isn’t aware that Connor is discarding articles of his own clothing throughout the massage, but maybe this is what Kyle came for. After all, Connor is getting quite the reputation around town, and he proves why when he lets his cock fall on the back of Kyle’s head as he rubs the man’s back. Kyle raises his head to get Connor’s cock in his mouth, and not just some of it. ALL of it. Kyle depthroats Connor until the twink is moaning, then Connor instructs his client to get on all fours and immediately starts massaging Kyle’s hole with his tongue. Connor gets bossy, telling Kyle to bend over the end of the table so he can fuck him. Even though he's lubed up, Kyle isn’t sure he's prepared for the full length of Connor’s cock to go straight in, but the twink is in charge and he pushes through Kyle’s moans. It’s not long until Kyle is riding back on Connor’s big dick to take it at his own pace. Out comes the phone, and Connor gets a POV shot of his cock impaling Kyle. He puts it away as he’s getting closer to cumming and he picks up the speed. Kyle is gasping as Connor goes fast, and the twink pulls out to launch a few ropes of cum up Kyle’s back before pushing balls deep again.
13. Bob Lemus Bottoms 25mn
Cheeky, geeky, ginger, pizza-boy, Connor, stumbles into the bedroom of the guy who’s ordered the delivery. He’s shocked to find Bob on the bed, jerking himself into oblivion. Mustachioed, older dude, Bob, has a shaved head and a clippered, well-defined chest. It turns out he’s exactly Connor’s type… and the feeling is mutual. Connor instantly drops his pants and encourages the older guy to get to work on his long, hard dick. Bob wraps his experienced lips around the ginger boy’s meat before taking it deep down into his hungry throat. This DILF knows exactly how to service a boy. Connor moans and gasps appreciatively, engulfed by waves of exciting, lustful pleasure. Connor instructs Bob to get onto all fours and present his hole for rimming. Connor’s long, wet tongue explores every available inch of the DILF’s tight ass, preparing him for a long, raw ride. Minutes later, Connor slides his solid dick deep into the older man’s ass and is banging him with extreme intensity within seconds. Bob starts to yell and scream as his ass is brutally torn apart by the horny ginger twink. Connor is relentless. He’s not gonna stop until he’s entirely satisfied and Bob’s ass has been well-and-truly pulverized! Connor reaches for his phone. He wants to film his dick thrusting in and out of the yelping older guy’s tight hole. That footage will come in very useful when he gets horny in the night and can’t find a hole to bang! The phone is thrown aside so Connor can focus on completing the job in hand. He pulls out and jerks and, with very little warning, starts to shoot. Semen sprays over Bob’s smooth ass cheeks, slowly dripping down onto the sheets below as Connor pushes his dick back inside.
14. Braden Rush Bottoms 38mn
I love my job. I love that I’m earning enough to pay my college fees doing something I enjoy so much. Sometimes I wonder if all masseurs have similar experiences to mine. I mean, I know there are all sorts of ethical codes which they drill into you while you’re training… but, come on, if there’s a hot guy on the table and he’s getting hard, what’s wrong with a bit of extra-curricular activity? Brandon is a hot guy. In fact, he is just my type. Late 40s, nicely tanned, great body. He turns up in shorts and a T-shirt, but you could tell he is more used to wearing a suit and tie. Those powerful city types are always highly-sexed, and, when it comes down to it, pretty passive. They spend way too much of their lives ordering people around and sometimes they just wanna lie back while someone else takes control. I knew from the moment he walked into the room that he was very into me. I guess he likes ginger boys. His shorts were made from a silky fabric and he was already tenting by the time I gave him the spiel about leaving the room to give him some privacy while he got naked. I could have jumped him then and there, but I played the game and left him to undress. Obviously, I had a quick look through the crack in the door as he was getting his clothes off and, sure enough, as the shorts came off, his rock hard cock sprung out of his jock. It was a nice dick. I’m sure he fucks his wife or husband with it all the time, but I instinctively knew he wanted to bottom for me. I’ve got a sixth sense for that sort of thing. He was lying face-down on the table when I came back into the room, so I got started with the oils and gave him a gentle, sensual massage while getting to know his tight, muscular body, which felt great under my fingers. As usual, I took my T-shirt off first, and continued to massage in just my shorts. It’s a little trick of mine. They’re always face-down, but they hear me pulling something off, they’ll twitch a bit with excitement. I may only be 20, but I’ve given massages long enough to understand the way the human body responds to different stimuli. I worked on his ass and it instantly made me hard and I tugged at my dick through my shorts. It wasn’t long before the shorts came off. I could see his hard dick peeking out from under his stomach, so I could see I was on the right track. I did my usual trick and moved around to the head of the table and massaged his upper back with the tip of my eight-inch cock bouncing on the back of his head. He took the bait instantly, grabbing my dick and rubbing his hand up and down it while still lying face-down on the table. In no time at all, he leaned up and was sucking my dick real good - really deep, really intense, nice and slow and wet. Men that age always know exactly what they’re doing. It’s one of the reasons why I like them so much. Why waste a dick like mine on some inexperienced twink who doesn’t know what he’s doing? I play with the big boys! Brandon was getting lost in my dick. There was a real connection. I imagined going into his fancy office in the city and ramming my dick into his ass while his shirt and tie were still on. He’d get obsessed with screwing me and want to do it everywhere, even as he barked orders at his long-suffering secretary that he probably used to bone till he met me. I moved around the table and started eating his ass, probing him with my long, wet tongue, getting him nice and ready for the pounding of his life. Spit always feels better than lube - or massage oil - and so I like to take my time. I rolled down the blinds. I usually massage guys in my dad’s house; it’s quite fancy and he’s always away on business. Trouble is, he’s got some crazy, buttoned-up neighbors who start to rage-twitch whenever they see a guy coming in for a massage. They think I’m running some sort of cat house and they’re not far off of the truth but don’t want to give them the satisfaction of confirming it for them. When he was ready to rumble, he lifted himself and squatted on the table. I climbed up and knelt behind him, slowly pushing my big dick into his tight ass. It fit perfectly. He squeezed it so hard that I felt like he was somehow sucking it into him. Guys that age are always surprised when a young man like me knows how to fuck, and they’re usually pretty shocked by how big I feel inside them. He made some real sexy noises as I started to pound him which got me horned up and wanting more. I never rush the pace when I’m inside an ass like Brandon’s. I enjoy it way more when I do it leisurely. And when I’m really enjoying myself, I get my phone out and ask the customers if I can film myself fucking them. I never get their faces, just my dick going in and out. I’ve got quite the collection of clips these days; I save them for when I’m horny and alone. My dick got really hard as I filmed him. In fact, he said he could feel it swelling inside him. It’s always hot when you’re in sync like that. I imagined all the outrageous places I was gonna fuck him in the future. I’ve always wanted to do it on a plane. The dude might even have a private jet. That just made me want him more. I started to feel my balls filling up, so stopped filming pretty damn quick. I lasted about a minute more. He got really loud and verbal as I got closer to nutting. That just turned me on more and I started fucking harder and deeper. My favorite moment during any sex is the point at which you realize the cum is rising and you have to make a snap decision as to whether you blast it into his ass or pull out and enjoy watching it spray over his back. I knew it was gonna be a big load and I wanted to see how it would look and I wasn’t disappointed. I was horny enough to push myself back into him afterwards. There was no way Brandon was gonna leave without a bit of me inside him. That almost went without saying. He’s been getting daily massages ever since.
16. Killian Knox Bottoms 36mn
Connor Taylor is a geeky, skinny, red-headed masseur. He’s very much a boy with sex on the brain and he regularly gives his clients a little more than they’re expecting! Bearded DILF Killian Knox has all the attributes that Connor most appreciates in a man. He’s masculine, bald-headed, and built like a brick shit house. As he undresses for his massage, Connor decides that his tip will need to be a carnal one. The massage itself is relatively short-lived with Connor rapidly becoming horned-up to the max as he runs his hands seductively over Killian’s astonishing, muscular body. Connor soon strips naked. His giant, pink dick brushes against Killian, who is soon vigorously deep-throating it, causing Connor to sigh, sweat, and swear in a state of pure, euphoric bliss. Killian squats on the edge of the massage table and grunts as Connor kneels and gets his tongue lodged between the DILF’s boulder-like ass cheeks. Moments later, Connor’s standing behind Killian, sinking his giant 9-incher into the older man’s tight ass. Within seconds, he’s mercilessly rutting like a stag in heat. Killian’s face reddens. He grits his teeth. The sensation is overwhelming. Connor grabs his phone and films himself as he thrusts his giant, raw dick into a shuddering, panting Killian. Phone down, and Connor starts to wind up for the big climax, banging harder and harder as the cum rises in his shaft. He blows his sticky load deep inside Killian’s tight ass. As he pulls out, the semen follows. Killian has been well-and-truly used!
17. Sean Duran Bottoms 33mn
My name is Connor, I’m a professional masseur, and for the past few months I’ve been trying to document my sexy adventures. It’s considered a big no-no to engage in sexual relations with the people you massage, but I don’t really care. I’m certainly not always gonna be a masseur. I only really do it to pay for my college fees. If they strike me off, I’ll do something else instead! In all honesty, I sometimes get quite bored doing it. It’s not a whole heap of fun repeatedly dishing out pleasure to strangers if you can’t get a little pleasure in return! If they wanna let me fuck them after I’ve worked these fingers over their bodies, then who am I to complain? A lot of my clients are seriously hot! Most of them are probably married. I guess they have really powerful, stressful jobs and come to me looking for a release valve. Fortunately, I like the older dudes. They have to be in good shape, of course, but I reckon there’s nothing sexier than a 40 year-old DILF who really knows what he wants. And fortunately, the guys that I’m into also seem to be the guys who like lanky, ginger, big-dicked twinks like me! I’d actually seen Sean a few times at the gym. I liked him the moment I saw him. He’s built like a brick shit house with muscles on every muscle, and his entire body is covered in really sexy tattoos. He’s even got some on his face. I used to catch him staring at me and it got pretty intense. So at the end of last week, I took in a few cards for my massage services and made sure he was watching when I put them out on a table. The next day he called me up to book himself in and I couldn’t sleep for excitement! He looked so hot when he arrived. He was in a loose-fitting T-shirt and shorts. I got real tongue-tied as I gave him the spiel about getting undressed and leaving his clothes on the chair. When I came back in, he was face down on the table, looking about as hot as any man could ever look. He’s got a V-shaped torso, enormous thighs and ass cheeks which look like they’ve been carved out of granite! It sounds a little crazy, but I was actually quite nervous when I started massaging him. He’s quite intimidating and the moment I started touching his body, I boned up big time. There’s a moment when I’m massaging a hot guy when I have to decide whether to try to push things in a sexual direction. I usually get a pretty obvious sign from him. I touch him somewhere intimate and he moans or parts his legs a little. When that happens, I usually start to undress myself. He’ll see my shorts falling to the ground through the face-hole in the table and instantly know what’s on the cards! Sean was remarkably quiet and wasn’t giving me much to work with in terms of encouragement, but the looks he used to shoot me in the gym were entirely unambiguous! He definitely wants me and I want him, so at that moment, I just needed to be brave. I took my top off and then stuck my hand down my shorts and started playing with my dick. I kinda figured he’d hear the rustling and know exactly what I was up to! I took my shoes off, dropped my shorts and continued to massage Sean one-handedly, so I could keep playing with myself. When there’s a body like that on the table, it’s basically impossible to do anything else! As usual, I went round to the top of the table and massaged his back while allowing my rock hard cock to bounce up and down on the back of his head. Sean’s hair is closely cropped at the back and the tip of my dick felt amazing against the surprisingly soft and velvet-like stubble. His hands were down by his side but I noticed them twitching and knew it wasn’t going to be long before he brought one of them up to feel my dick. I was right! Of course I carried on massaging him like I hadn’t noticed he was groping me, but moments later, he pushed himself up onto his elbows and started sucking me off. And boy was he sucking me off! He made my head spin! It was almost the perfect balance of suction and wetness. He stroked my balls, varied the pace and jerked me off at the same time. Jeez! I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I was in pure ecstasy. I loved that he cared that much about pleasuring me. I told him to get on his back so that I could rim his ass. I figured he’d respond well to being given orders. Alpha men like Sean like to relinquish control from time to time and they particularly like to relinquish it to a weedy Twink like me. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He got on his back with his ass hanging over the end of the table and pulled up his legs with his arms so I could get my tongue good and deep inside. He responded well, jerking his dick as I got to work. I teased him to start with, flickering and fluttering my tongue over his hole. He threw his head back onto the table, allowing the waves of pleasure to crash over him. It was crazy how much power I had over him and how sexy that felt. I took my time. I wasn’t in any rush. I loved the silence of that moment. The sexually-charged atmosphere. His gentle groans… I stood up, squatted slightly to get the perfect angle, placed my rock hard, raw cock against his hole and pushed myself inside. He gasped. I don’t think he’s particularly used to bottoming. He stared up at me with those piercing, watery blue eyes, with a real vulnerable look on his face which almost said “please don’t hurt me…” And then, as I pushed in further, his eyes started to narrow in pleasure. I immediately started to fuck him, grinding my dick in and out of his ass at a nice, relaxed pace. He jerked himself and we locked eyes like lovers. I kept thinking about the looks he used to shoot me at the gym, wondering how I’d have felt if I knew it was going to play out like this. Man, it was intense. I wanted to give him the ride of his life. And by the look on his face, I was getting close! I picked up speed. He didn’t stop jerking. I was surprised he didn’t shoot his load. As usual, I asked him if I could film myself inside him. It’s something I always do, but Sean’s was an ass I wanted to remember forever! He seemed a little surprised at the request, but agreed. I think he was probably in some sort of sexed-up trance! I filmed him for some time. I wanted to create a clip I could really enjoy at a later stage. It was gonna be one hot video! His dick looked enormous in the film. It was rock hard and pointing right up at the lens on my phone. I’m a total top, but that hard dick might one day tempt me to bottom! There was a sudden moment when I realised I was getting close. I put my phone down and really focussed on Sean again, staring straight into those beautiful eyes as the juices slowly formed in my balls. I started thrusting harder and harder, long-dicking him as the semen started to rise in my shaft. I usually pull out but knew I wanted to cum inside him. He wanted it too, because, as I started to let go, he smiled. I shot big. I could feel it blasting out of my dick inside him. And when I pulled out, it dripped out of his ass and onto the floor.
18. Peter Marcus Bottoms 22mn
The cute, ginger-haired delivery-boy Connor Taylor is back! This week he’s been paired up with bearded, hipster DILF, Peter Marcus. The two of them play computer games in Peter’s room, winding down after a particularly pleasurable massage which has plainly got them both feeling really horny. Connor might be gawky and geeky on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a total horndog who’s able to seductively steer pretty much any nervous older man off the straight-and-narrow path into some seriously hot trouble! Peter quickly loses all of his inhibitions and finds himself eagerly sucking Connor’s highly-impressive dick while the younger man strips naked. Within minutes, Peter has thrown himself onto the bed, impatiently presenting his well-defined bubble butt to the boy for oral inspection. Connor duly gets stuck in with his probing, inquisitive tongue… Then it’s time for the main event. Connor thrusts his 9-inch tool deep into the older man’s ass and starts to bone him with long, deep, satisfying strokes. Peter groans and growls in a state of pure bliss, instantly addicted to the sensation of Connor’s dangerously delicious dick. Connor gets his phone out to film a bit of personal content, pushing him over the edge from the sheer excitement. He tosses the phone aside and pounds the older man with all the power he can muster in his skinny body. Connor pulls out and sprays his giant love load across Peter’s muscular back before falling down on top of him, entirely spent.
19. Greg Riley Bottoms 16mn
Everyone’s favorite ginger-haired delivery boy, Connor, is back in town, this time delivering breakfast to one of his best clients, Greg. Greg is a muscular DILF with a shaved head and a stubbly face and Connor always looks forward to delivering food to his swanky house. There’s always something pretty special on offer in lieu of a tip… As usual, the door is open and Connor is able to walk straight into Greg's sitting room. As usual Greg is half naked and, as usual, he doesn’t have any cash on him; they’ll have to figure out a more inventive way for him to pay for his breakfast. Moments later, Connor has his big, horny dick half way down Greg’s throat and the older man is sucking it like his life depends on it. Connor is in a particularly dominant mood, ordering Greg to take off his clothes and get on all fours. Connor immediately shoves his face between the older man’s boulder-like ass cheeks and sticks his tongue deep inside his tight hole. Connor knows Greg’s gonna take a real hard and that sexy butt of his will need to be very well-prepped. Connor is soon sliding his dick in and out of the older man, who squeezes his ass muscles to give Connor the curious sensation that his dick is somehow being pulled into Greg’s muscular body. Connor’s strokes are consistently slow and deep. He grabs his phone and films himself penetrating the older man. He’s built up quite a collection of mini-movies over the years and enjoys watching them back when he’s alone and horny. The phone is thrown down as Connor winds up to the grand climax. He pulls out just in time and sprays Greg’s back with a thick coating of pearly-white cum. Greg can consider his food well-and-truly paid for!
20. Jason Sparks Bottoms 35mn
Connor delivers pizzas for a restaurant across town. He’s a student at the local college and I’m told he’s also a pretty talented masseur. I don’t know how he finds the time! His reputation definitely precedes him. You see, young Connor has a penchant for older men… and that’s the sort of information us older men like to know! The rumour is that, if he’s delivering pizzas to a guy he’s into and he’s not in a hurry, he’ll often waive his tip in favor of a hot fuck. I have a couple of buddies who regularly indulge in the Connor experience, and they can’t speak highly enough about him! I first experienced it for myself a couple of weeks ago. This tall, lanky red-head turned up at my apartment holding a giant pizza box and I instantly knew he was the lad everyone had been talking about. I felt myself blushing and for a moment was lost for words, but as I went into the bedroom to find him a tip, he followed, and, well, the rest is history… I wasn’t entirely surprised when Conor turned up to deliver the pizza I ordered today. That was the plan in any case! When we last met, he told me he worked Tuesday afternoons and that they were boringly quiet, so I figured this would be the best time to catch him with a bit of time on his hands. I opened the door and got an instant hard on. I made up some cock and bull story about forgetting to go to the ATM to get him his tip. He smiled and felt my ass and within seconds we were kissing. He’s certainly an assertive kisser. His lips instantly tell you that he’s gonna call the shots. And that’s fine by me! His hands caressed my body as we stood kissing. I felt them rubbing over my back and down onto my ass. He pulled away from me briefly and took his T-shirt off, exposing his sexy, lithe, pale, hairless torso. Man he smelt good. Real fresh. How does a pizza delivery guy get to smell that good? Surely he’d been riding around town all afternoon? Or stuck in a back room behind a smelly pizza oven? We carried on kissing and I started feeling his bulge. He was rock hard, so I undid the zipper of his jeans to discover that the horny little bastard wasn’t wearing underwear! That boy must have sex on his brain every hour of every day. I pulled his long, sweet dick out of his jeans, instantly remembering how good it felt inside me last time and wondering how long it would take us to fuck this time. I got on my knees and started to suck, dusting off every move in my book of tricks to pleasure him. That boy’s dick is worth its weight in gold. You gotta treat it with respect. I took it fast, then slow. I sucked hard, then soft. Shallow, then deep. I tickled his head with the tip of my tongue. His dick responded by getting so hard I thought he might cum any moment. Most lads his age would have shot their load in seconds. But Connor’s a pretty laid-back and obviously sexually experienced kid. He casually rested his hand on my head and moaned quietly, taking everything in his stride! His jeans had fallen around his ankles and I could feel his mobile phone in his pocket. I remembered that the last time we met, he’d got quite into filming himself fucking me, so I pulled the phone out of his pocket, handed it up to him and told him I wanted him to film us. He can jerk himself stupid over that when he’s next feeling horny in the middle of the night! I could tell he was getting quite into it - he kept moving the phone around to get different angles. I was quite surprised when Connor got on his knees and started sucking me. I didn’t think that was quite his style; it seemed fairly submissive for a dominant horn dog like Connor! But he sucks real good, and while he was down there, I figured it was my turn to film him! After all, I’m pretty good behind the camera. God, he looked good on my phone! Real vulnerable on his knees like that, hungrily working my dick with his sexy, wet lips. That film’s gonna keep me entertained for the longest time. I might even post it online! I glanced down at his dick, still rock hard, and knew I wanted it inside me. I squatted on the couch and allowed him to get his prehensile boy tongue inside my hole! I dunno what he was doing down there, but it felt like something was dancing on me! I could feel myself opening up for him, desperate to feel his dick in there again. We got naked. We were literally throwing our clothes off. I got back onto the couch, he knelt behind me, carefully placed his dick against my hole and then started to push. As it slowly slid in, I was engulfed by a rush of extreme pleasure. It was almost like coming up on a drug. My entire body was rippling and tingling. Connor doesn’t rush anything. He fucks real deep and slow. He’s a true pro! I’ve no idea how a guy his age learned those skills, but I wasn’t complaining! I was just humming in pure ecstasy. I guess one of the sexiest elements is that Connor just goes in bareback. He doesn’t ask. He simply needs to feel flesh on flesh. Obviously his phone came out for a second time as he was fucking me. Maybe he’ll edit it into the shots of me sucking him. Soon we’ll have our own porno movie! The fucking stayed at a pretty constant speed. It kinda sent me into a trance. He put the phone down and picked up the pace, using those skinny legs of his to thrust deeper and harder with every stroke. Then suddenly he doubled the speed and I knew he was close. His stomach was banging against my ass cheeks making a hollow, slapping noise. I imagined him gritting his teeth and licking his lips as he pounded. He pulled out and shot his load onto my back. I could feel a long string of spunk spattering onto me as he grunted from the pit of his stomach. He then pushed himself back into me, to make sure there was something of him being left inside. I was pretty sure the juices were still coming out of him. And I wanted every last drop. Of course, it now feels like I might need him to order pizza every Tuesday afternoon. Trouble is, I’m not that keen on the pizza his restaurant makes!!
21. Greg Riley Bottoms 24mn
When studly, sexy DILF Greg finds himself with a hearty appetite, he calls out for his favorite pizza delivery boy, Connor. And Greg’s lustful hunger won’t require a fork and knife–and certainly not clothes! As this ultra masculine hunk anxiously awaits his meal to arrive, he begins to stroke his ever-hardening cock. Without knocking, Connor, the irresistibly cute ginger twink, appears suddenly with a pizza in hand. Always wide-eyed and unassuming, Connor can only stare in delighted astonishment as his favorite customer lazily strokes his daddy meat. Greg beckons the sheepish-yet-smiling twink to join him on his bed. The two horny boys forget all about pizza and immediately begin fondling one another and making out. As the kissing, stroking, and heavy petting get steamier, Connor’s shy exterior quickly evaporates. He can’t strip his clothing off fast enough at the thought of being naked and alone with Greg. Greg, seeing his sweet eye-candy strip naked, gets him even more turned on and ready! He swiftly gets on all fours and presents his sexy round bottom for the ass munching he truly craves. Connor wastes no time burying his face and tongue into that sweet, savory daddy hole. Greg moans and clenches the bedsheets as the sensation of the gorgeous ginger’s wet tongue plunges in and out of the manly rosebud. Soon, Greg feels Connor’s cockhead press up against and then slide deep inside of his ass. A steady rhythm begins as the smooth, ginger twink gets into his groove. It never ceases to amaze Greg just how awesome it feels to have the boy’s hard-on inside of him!
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