Tyler Tanner and Jordan Starr
January 04, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 55sec

When hungry and horny twink top Tyler Tanner sees Jordan Starr in his thin tank-top, Tyler knows he’s looking at a masc bottom waiting to be bred. So, he does what any man would do—he takes that bearded, athletic jock home!

After a steamy make-out session in Tyler's bed, the twink top decides to take it to the next level. Tyler lets Jordan kiss and worship his lean body and nipples, but then the young top takes charge; he face fucks Jordan, then flips the jock bottom over and rims out his meaty ass. Once Tyler’s had his fill, he breeds that tanned jock's hole with slow, long pulses, until he finally dumps a load of twink cum deep inside him.

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