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Jordan Starr and Tyler Tanner Rematch

February 16, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 59sec

Power couple Jordan Starr and Tyler Tanner are back for another intense encounter. These guys simply can’t get enough of each other! We find them in a bedroom this time and, within seconds, they’re kissing passionately, memories of their previous fiery encounter flashing through their heads.

Jordan’s ...More

Jordan’s lips are full and ripe. It would be hard to imagine a pair of lips better designed for kissing! His enormous dick tents in his shorts. Tyler grabs the bulge in disbelief; it’s almost impossible to comprehend quite how hot Jordan is and just how turned on Tyler is feeling.

Clothes are impatiently torn off. These guys can’t wait to take things to the next level. Tyler peels down Jordan’s shorts to reveal the nature of the giant beast. Dicks very rarely come this large. Tyler pushes Jordan down onto the bed and instantly gets his soft lips wrapped around the hung top’s beautiful meat. Jordan whispers words of horny encouragement, trying to get Tyler to take every single one of his nine inches deep down into his throat.

Jordan turns Tyler onto his front so he can get his wet, probing tongue lodged right up inside the twink’s tight little ass. Tyler’s body shakes with anticipation. His dick throbs with excitement.

Jordan lies on the bed and Tyler climbs on top of him, facing away, slowly lowering himself onto Jordan’s enormous rod. Tyler is soon riding Jordan like a pro, spreading his long, muscular legs wide apart, gasping and swearing as his boy hole is torn to pieces.

Both men are now in a state of pure, lustful ecstasy, staring into each other’s eyes, lost in the heavenly moment, drinking the intense experience in.

Tyler gets onto his back so that Jordan can stand on the edge of the bed and bang him from the front. Jordan thrusts and pumps harder and harder, his huge dick further and further into the twink’s stomach.

Jordan starts to shake and suddenly explodes inside Tyler, leaving a sloppy cream pie on the puckered ring of his hole.

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