Ethan Tate, Johnny Ford and
September 14, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 52sec

Here at JockBreeders, DILF Johnny Ford has spent a lot of time bottoming for twinks. But once he gets his hands on Ethan Tate's little hips, he can't help himself. He knows exactly what he wants—and that's to get this cute boy onto all fours as soon as possible.

Any nervousness that smooth, pale-skinned Ethan Tate may have had about getting into bed with the bearded jock melts away after the two lock lips. These hungry jocks explore the contours of each other's bodies with greed. They move close and grind their hips.

Johnny slides off ...[Read more]

Johnny slides off his black tank top, and reveals his sculpture-worthy chest and abs. Ethan follows his superior's lead and strips down to a white jockstrap. His lean, athletic body is a dessert Johnny's ready to consume.

After feeding Ethan's cute mouth his big cock in a long blowjob, Johnny dives in and eats out the perfect, jockstrap-framed twink ass. He licks up and down Ethan's crack, and devours his hole.

Finally, the DILF decides his jock boy is ready. Johnny secures the band of Ethan's jockstrap like the reins of a race horse. Saddled up, Johnny tests Ethan's conditioning with a long, galloping fuck session.

Ethan grinds his jockstrap into the bed as he's split open again and again by the larger jock. These studs ride well into the night until Johnny finally erupts in Ethan, and pulls out to show the world what it looks like to breed a jock.

As with any training session, though, repetition is important. Johnny sticks his dick back in, kisses Ethan's neck, and prepares to ride again...

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