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Ethan Tate and Johnny Ford
February 28, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 30sec

Ethan Tate, a cute twink with a big dick, takes on buff hunk Johnny Ford. After the little hottie uses his tongue to reduce the hot stud to begging for a fuck, Ethan rams his hard rod balls-deep into Johnny’s tight hole, riding the tattooed stud hard and filling him up.

Ethan Tate series cover

Ethan Tate

Ethan Tate: Chapters
1. Johnny Ford Bottoms 25mn
The idea of Johnny Ford and Ethan Tate making out ought to excite anyone. Young DILF, Johnny brings arrogance, an amazing body, an air of danger, and crazy stamina to the table, while pale-skinned twink-boy, Ethan brings innocence, beauty, and a huge dick! They’re instantly all over each other, lips and bodies intertwined, tongues dancing flirtatiously as they slowly strip naked. Johnny can be a fairly aggressive and dominant top, so the idea that Ethan might be stealing this role from him is as intriguing as it is exciting. Johnny playfully releases Ethan’s giant dick from the cage of his underwear. Surprised and impressed by its size and girth, the older man instantly drops to his knees and eagerly services it with his mouth. Johnny plainly knows how to give incredible head. Ethan whimpers and gasps, entering a reverie of pure sexual satisfaction. The chemistry is off the charts. It’s clear these two want each other real bad. Ethan tosses Johnny onto the bed, rips down the older man’s jeans and starts to eat him out. Ethan’s tongue flickers over Johnny’s tight hole before probing more deeply into the dark, forbidden corridors of his ass. Ethan stands and slowly pushes his heavy, raw dick into Johnny, who moans and pants, astounded by how big - and good - it feels inside him. Ethan slowly picks up the pace and soon all Johnny can do is grit his teeth and throw his head back onto the pillow as his insides are mercilessly rearranged. It’s deeply compelling and incredibly horny viewing. Ethan long dicks the DILF for an impressive amount of time, but with every thrust, he gets a little closer to the inevitable. He orgasms hard and fast, spraying a giant, gloopy load deep into Johnny’s perfect body, cementing their lust and branding the older man on the inside.
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