Jason Pitt and Jesse Idol
August 01, 2022 | Full Length Video : 47min 27sec

Jesse and Jason are a bit playful. They love to get into trouble, fool around, and have a good time without any worries. It was a natural fit for the two of them to get on camera to show off their hard bodies and hard cocks and fuck!

Jason gets a mouthful of Jesse’s rigid member, getting it shiny and slick with his saliva. Jason’s floppy college-boy hair brushes up against Jason’s toned stomach, teaching him as he bobs up and down.

Jesse can hardly ...[Read more]

Jesse can hardly wait to peel off Jason’s shirt, revealing his smooth, tan, beach babe body. But not only that, Jason seems to have just as big a tool for the buzz cock boy to gobble down.

Jesse makes a meal of Jason’s cock, taking it down his throat before hopping on top for an intense ride. Jason feels his balls tighten as his pale skinned bottom works him over, getting him closer and closer to cumming with each move he makes.

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