Jeremy George and Mikey Knight
June 22, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 35sec

Seeing the floppy-haired cutie, Mikey Knight, reminds us how much we’ve missed him! He’s been paired up with the stunning, olive-skinned otter-hunk, Jeremy George, and it’s a winning combination.

These two guys look really good together, especially when they’re kissing, which is something they do a lot of in this chemistry-laden, passionate and un-rushed hook-up!

Jeremy lies on ...[Read more]

Jeremy lies on the bed with his big, meaty dick pointing impatiently towards the ceiling. Mikey immediately gets his hungry lips wrapped around it. Jeremy mumbles breathless words of encouragement as Mikey allows the horny dude’s weapon to slide further into the depths of his accommodating throat.

Jeremy soon has Mikey on his back, on the edge of the bed, legs splayed in the air, so that he can eat the bottom man out. Jeremy’s remarkably prehensile tongue paints delicate patterns all over Mikey’s tight, twitching hole and the boy gasps in disbelief.

Mikey climbs onto Jeremy’s lap and instantly starts to ride his giant meat. Mikey’s tight ass feels utterly amazing. Both guys grunt, groan and gasp.

A change of position finds Mikey squatting on all fours while Jeremy drives his iron rod repeatedly in and out of the boy, varying the pace and force of his strokes to keep the panting, over-stimulated Mikey entirely on his toes.

Jeremy pushes Mikey onto his back and the lust-fuelled onslaught continues with long, deep strokes which gradually build to a frenzied climax. Jeremy can feel the spunk tingling in his balls. He pulls out, just in time, squirting countless pearlescent beads of pleasure all over Mikey’s ball sack and thighs.

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