Troye Jacobs and Jax Thirio
November 26, 2021 | Full Length Video : 25min 50sec

Pale-skinned, cute boy Troye Jacobs pairs up with tanned, hunkym muscle-DILF, Jax Thiro, in the latest offering from TwinkLoads.

The chemistry is instantly off-the-charts as the two guys embrace and kiss passionately on the bed, tearing each other’s clothes off, desperate to feel flesh on flesh. Troye keenly runs his hands over Jax’s perfectly-chiselled body, sensually indulging the feeling in a state of pure ecstasy.

Troye then lies ...[Read more]

Troye then lies on the bed with his legs spread wide, moaning lustfully as Jax adeptly services the boy’s huge dick with his mouth and tongue. The temperature in the room rises another notch as the two men begin to mutter sexy words of encouragement to each other.

Jax gets on all fours and presents his hungry, tight hole to the twink, literally begging for Troye to stick his huge dick inside him. Troye instantly obliges, pushing his rock hard meat all the way into Jax’s tight, rough, muscular ass.

Jax groans and grunts in absolute pleasure. Troye responds by grinding his beautiful dick in and out, slowly at first, and then harder and deeper until his balls are slapping rhythmically against the DILF’s perfectly sculpted ass cheeks.

After some intense, passionate fucking, Troye dumps an enormous creamy load deep into Jax’s guts, leaving the older man a quivering mound of mature muscle, filled with creaming, youthful jizz.

Troye Jacobs series cover
2. Jax Thirio Bottoms 25mn
Muscle-god, Jax Thirio returns this week with tasty twink, Troye Jacobs. These guys know how to put on a proper show, so expect fireworks from the very start! They kiss energetically, locked in a passionate embrace, desperately ripping each other’s clothes off. Troye’s pale, skinny torso contrasts perfectly with Jax’ bulging, ripped, tanned body. It would be hard to find two guys who wanted each other more. Jax kneels between Troye’s legs and wraps his sensual lips around the boy’s bulging dick before getting every inch of it in his mouth and then further down into his tight, hungry throat. Troye, now massively turned on, throws Jax onto the bed and pushes his legs back to his ears before allowing his slippery tongue to seductively dance over the gasping older guy’s expectant hole. These two are pretty much as versatile as they get, but Troye has plainly lined himself up for the top bunk tonight. Troye pulls Jax to the edge of the bed, and stands up, lining his long, juicy dick up with the muscle-god’s ass. Jax begs for Troye’s meat; he knows how good it feels and he needs it now. Troye’s strokes speed up and before long the boy’s banging Jax full tilt, dick diving real deep into the older man’s flawless body. His strokes are relentless. This twink has stamina! There’s obviously a limit to the length of time you can penetrate someone with that much intensity, and Troye’s dick eventually explodes right up inside the older man. He shoots prolifically. A river of semen flows onto the bed sheets as he pulls out.
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