Jack Bailey and Jax Thirio
May 24, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 2sec

When we put sweet faced twink top Jack Bailey in a room with masculine bottom Jax Thirio, it was as if the cameras disappeared. They held laser-focus on each other; the only thing that mattered was Jack getting his hard cock into Jax's warm, tight hole!

No matter how ready the muscle bottom was for that long cock, Jack couldn’t resist getting a taste of that fresh hole first. He wanted to, needed to rim Jax Thirio before filling his beefy bottom with one of his twink loads.

Jax’s moaning while ...[Read more]

Jax’s moaning while he was pumped with Jack’s throbbing cock would be enough to send anyone over the edge. Even a pro like Jack is no exception—after he drops his twink seed inside the muscle bottom, he couldn’t resist putting himself back inside a few more times to savor every moment of his post-orgasm afterglow. Cum spilled out of Jax’s used hole, but Jax was sure he could take more…

Jack Bailey series cover
1. Jax Thirio Bottoms 25mn
Jax Thirio’s dominant demeanour and big daddy dick have more often than not led to him taking the top bunk in the bedroom - particularly with younger guys. But, in the latest scene from TwinkLoads, it seems all that’s about to change… Sexy Jax has found himself in a hotel room with the tall, flame-haired twink, Jack Bailey. The two men kiss passionately. Jack sits on the edge of the bed with Jax standing between his legs. The sexual chemistry is off the charts. These two guys want each other badly but it instantly becomes clear that the smooth, younger lad is angling to be the top. Jack cheekily pushes Jax down onto the bed and immediately begins to prep his ass for a hard, raw fucking. Jack’s slippery tongue dances and flickers over the older man’s hole. Jax goes with the flow; this hot young redhead has got him in the mood for pretty much anything! Jax shuffles to the edge of the bed and lifts his legs in readiness for Jack’s rock-hard meat, which duly slides inside him… The experience is particularly intense for Jax who jerks his dick and gasps in pure ecstasy as his hole is plowed. Jack can hardly believe his luck: a twink like him rarely gets the opportunity to skewer a top-quality DILF and he savors every moment. They stare into each other’s eyes, connecting on a deep, animalistic level. Jack is so horny that he starts filming himself on his phone. The sap starts to rise in the big boy’s dick and he throws the phone down so he can focus on enjoying the climax, slamming harder and harder, yelling and grunting until his entire body starts to convulse in orgasm. He squirts a massive load deep inside Jax, leaving the older man full of spunk and ready for more.
3. Romeo Davis Bottoms 24mn
Sexy, tattooed otter, Romeo Davis, is up for a real treat when he meets the seriously hot, baby-faced twink, Jack Bailey. Jack might look like a harmless angel, but his sex drive is off the charts and he’s well into this rough, masculine hunk. The feeling is, of course, mutual. Romeo wouldn’t normally go for a smooth, innocent-looking boy like Jack, but there’s something about this twink which makes him quiver. They’re immediately all over each other, kissing passionately, tongues exploring every inch of flesh. Romeo rapidly gets his hungry mouth wrapped around Jack’s meat and the smile on the young boy’s face tells us he likes what’s happening down there - one heck of a lot! It’s not surprising. It looks like Romeo’s got some pretty good moves going on! Jack demands to eat Romeo’s ass, and immediately starts to probe the tattooed hunk’s tight hole with his talented tongue. He’s plainly hitting all the right spots because Romeo is soon begging for his dick. And he gets it... Jack slides his giant, raw rod into the sexy daddy’s crack and is soon pounding him like a happy whore, eyes rolling back in his head in unadulterated ecstasy. Romeo grunts and gasps, this is an unexpectedly amazing ride! Jack varies the pace and firmness of his thrusts to keep the older man on his toes. He’s enjoying himself so much that he picks up his phone and starts to film his twink dick pounding into Romeo’s tempting hole. The phone is thrown back on the bed as Jack slowly picks up the pace towards the inevitable. Faster, harder, deeper… and suddenly he’s yelling and squirting his massive load right into daddy’s ass. The orgasm is so intense that Romeo can feel the semen gushing into him. Jack pulls out and cum squirts everywhere. This is fucking at its sleazy finest!
4. Romeo Davis Bottoms 23mn
It seems that Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis just can’t get enough of each other! They say opposites attract, and these two guys couldn’t be more different. Flame-haired cutie, Jack, is definitely the sort of boy you’d want your mom to meet, whereas heavily-tattooed, rough-guy Romeo would have her running for her life! They make out on a hotel bed, lips locked, tongues dancing. The sight of the immense bulge in Jack’s shorts sends vigorous waves of lust surging through Romeo’s body. He instantly remembers the sensation of complete satisfaction he felt when this beautiful dick was last inside him. He wraps his masculine hand around Jack’s throat, who responds with a naughty flash of his winning, all-American smile. Romeo releases Jack’s 8-inch power tool from its harness and the boy gets naked while the rough, older dude gets to work. Experience counts for everything in the sex game, and Romeo knows how to give mind-blowing head. Jack bites his lip. His smooth body vibrates with intense pleasure. Romeo is soon on his back, groaning wildly as his hungry hole is probed by Jack’s prehensile tongue. Moments later, Jack is sliding his huge, nubile dick into the older man’s muscular ass. Jack drills real hard. He wants to breed his daddy’s ass and every forceful stroke takes him a notch closer to his horny goal. Romeo moans, ecstatic. Jack grabs his phone and starts to film himself. He wants a memento of this incredible, lust-fuelled encounter, but seeing himself on the screen just makes him want to blow. Jack throws the phone onto the bed and focuses on the task in hand, banging the tattooed daddy with increasing force. He explodes deep inside Romeo, filling the older man’s guts with rich, ripe semen, which continues to cascade from his rigid dick as he pulls out.
7. Romeo Davis Bottoms 24mn
Flame-haired, twink boy, Jack Bailey has made a beeline for the heavily-tattooed DILF, Romeo Davis, yet again. These two horny guys simply can’t stop hooking up, and they make a little bit of magic every time they meet! They make out on a bed, tongues battling, legs interlocked, Romeo’s hands wickedly squeezing the boy’s delicate throat. Both smile expectantly. They know this is gonna be one hell of an encounter. Romeo pulls Jack’s giant, boned-up meat out of his shorts and runs his hands sensuously up and down its veiny shaft while sucking on the boy’s erect nipples. Moments later, the older man goes down on Jack, who moans and gasps in a state of uncontrollable ecstasy. Romeo strips naked and shuffles to the end of the bed, throwing his legs around his ears and presenting his eager hole to the horny twink boy. Jack instantly gets to work, his tongue rippling and dancing over Romeo’s hairy ass until the older man begins to twitch with anticipation. Jack stands and plunges his heavy dick into Romeo’s butt. Within seconds, the boy is lustfully grinding in and out of the older man’s muscular body. Romeo groans and murmurs sleazy words of encouragement. He loves how this smooth, pale-skinned boy feels inside him. Jack bangs hard. He wants to make this a fuck that Romeo will never forget. To ensure this, he picks up his phone and films his dick thrusting into the older man. Jack can’t hold the spunk in any longer. He throws the phone down and picks up the pace, violently spraying his enormous, raw load deep into Romeo’s ass.
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