Jax Thirio, Tom Bentley and
August 31, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 57sec

A cool, gray hotel room is set ablaze, but not by fire!The heat comes from the friction of Jax Thirio and Tom Bentley's sculpted smooth bodies against each other in a scorching, sensual make-out session.

As they swap spit and moans and breath, tanned muscle hunk Jax rubs his fingers across the "Daddy's Boy" tattoo on Tom's pale clavicle. And it's true, Tom is—as evidenced by how the giggling, giddy bottom is soon on his knees, stripped of his orange briefs and gagging happily on Jax's big cock.

Swallowing Jax's member ...[Read more]

Swallowing Jax's member is no small task for the moaning bottom. With the tanned top resting against the wall, Tom slurps Jax down in a long, needy blowjob. Drool spills from his lips, and drips down the shaft.

Tom isn't the only hungry one, though—Jax soon has the bubble-butt twink on the bed, cheeks spread, hole consumed whole. Once Jax is satisfied with the banquet of Tom's twitching rear, his hunger moves from his mouth to his loins.

Jax obliterates the twink's ass in a variety of positions. He fucks “Daddy’s Boy” from behind, his cock a piston, slamming in and out, driving him to the edge of ecstasy. He fucks him in his lap, bouncing the twink up and down on his pole. And then, finally, he folds the twink in half. Legs around his ankles, Tom’s hole is pounded and blasted with Jax’s seed.

Jax removes his big dick briefly to show off his work, his seed dribbling down the twitching entrance. And then, he sticks it back in—the fire between these two rages on…

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