Isaac Conn
September 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 9min 50sec

Isaac Conn looks great in his red gym shorts and gray hoodie, but he looks even better when he strips them off! Once the nylon slips down his legs, Isaac leans back on the couch for us and shows off his masculine, hairy legs and chiseled athletic body. This solo-spank session is a must see for enjoyers of cocky, confident men!

The goatee-sporting bad boy's big dick is already thick and hard when he removes his shorts. He's clearly excited to be here! Though this is his first time here on the couch, Isaac gives us at Dirty Boy Society a great up-close view of his full, hairy balls as he jerks himself off. His dark nipples are perked up. He has to get through a fair amount of lube for that monster cock he's lugging around—luckily, we've given him plenty to work with over the course of this long session.

His breathing is ...[Read more]

His breathing is heavy, and his lips curve just slightly when he thinks about all his horny fans watching his performance. He's got smoldering eyes that look right into you; he knows that you're enjoying the view.

His hand moves quickly over his shaft, stroking its impressive length at an increasing pace. Isaac knows he looks good and he knows you want to cum along with him. Don't keep this young man waiting! Get those shorts off, lay down on the couch, and enjoy a hot jerk-off with this incredible stud.

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