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Ethan Tate and Chris Keaton
March 15, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 52sec

I remember waking up and there being a slight draft in the room. I couldn’t quite see my surroundings, just the darkness. When I realized I couldn’t move my arms and legs, it suddenly all came back to me.

I had been talking to this handsome guy at the bar. He was a beautiful brunette with dewy eyes and soft lips. He introduced himself as Ethan Tate, and asked if I’d be willing to play a little game with him.

Next thing I ...[Read more]

Next thing I know, I’m completely naked on all fours with a ball-gag in my mouth. With each moment of realization and each fragment of my returning memory, my cock starts to rise. As frightened as I am, I’m equally aroused against all logic, and can’t wait until I can see what Ethan has in store for the rest of his game.

He entered the dark room. His lean body was adorned with a leather harness—that softness I saw in his face before became far more harsh when framed by leather and low light. As soon as his fingers touched my skin, my blood rushed. It was electric. My cock throbbed out of control, painfully. As he admired my flesh like a prized possession, I grew hungry, needy for more of his touch. My body, my will – all were his to grope, to knead.

An explosion of heat reached the walls of my hole as his tongue started to explore inside. I moaned reflexively, trapped by unyielding pleasure. I knew I’d be bound to him for as long as he needed me… and for whatever he needed of me.

Series: Ethan Tate
Ethan Tate series cover
1. Ethan Tate & Benji Dawsten 24mn
Versatile leather twink, Ethan Tate, is very familiar with fuck-bench. He's been both strapped to it and standing above it—he knows what it means to give and take control. When he's given the opportunity to break in a newcomer, the toned top leaps at the opportunity. Cute, moaning bottom, Benji Dawsten, is new to the scene but has already made quite an impression with his handsome looks and eagerness to please. He's a bit nervous about being tied up and gagged; Ethan hears his hesitation through every rattle of his chains and muffled moans. He coos reassurance as he kneads the boy's flank, playing with the jock-strap framed ass of his new toy. After A few playful swats across the rear and a long rimming session, submissiveness makes itself at home in Benji's mind. Ethan spits in the sub's hole and moves from one end to the other. Ethan removes Benji's gag and introduces him to his shockingly outsized dick. The bottom doesn't need much coercing to start slobbering all over Ethan's curved cock, hungrily giving his top a needy blowjob. He sucks all the way to the hilt and back, and finds an obedient rhythm. Satisfied that the bound twink knows his place, Ethan moves back to Benji’s rear and sizes up his primed, wet hole. Ethan's curved rod slowly pulses in and out of the jockstrap-clad cheeks. The sub's tiny hole is pulsed by the big cock slowly at first, then with greater speed and intensity. The new boy is broken in slowly, thoroughly, and beautifully—as a bound twink should. When Ethan's finally done filling the new boy's hole with a dollop of cum, the sub is gasping, shuddering, and now, experienced for his next ride at BoundTwinks!
2. Ethan Tate & Zayne Bright 24mn
“Just look at you.” The sound and tone of dominant dream-twink, Ethan Tate, makes submissive hottie Zayne Keaton shiver uncontrollably. Zayne’s eyelids flutter as he emits a hiss through the heavy-duty tape covering his mouth. Ethan slaps the skinny twink on the ass. Zayne’s arms are tied and suspended by a chain in the ceiling. He’s bound in the center of the dungeon so that his master, Ethan, can have an unobstructed view of his slave. Zayne is quickly learning that his new master loves to touch, fondle and use his dominant hungry mouth all over his slave’s body. Ethan has no shame when it comes to feeling up his slave’s chest and abs. Zayne’s nipples have swollen from the treatment, and Ethan takes this as a good time to suckle on them greedily. The slave boy jerks back and attempts to resist Ethan’s mouth — naturally, to no avail. Master will always get what he desires, whether his slave likes it or at worst, pretends not to. Zayne jerks his head around and his master walks behind him, drops to his knees and buries his dripping wet tongue as deep into his fuck tunnel as it can go. Zayne’s nearly hysterical moans of intense erotic pleasure mixed with disbelief get louder and louder through the duct-tape. Once Zayne is good and moist, Ethan whips out his big cock and sinks it slowly but steadily inch-by-inch into his fuck slave’s skinny, impossibly-tight ass. Both master and slave moan in unison. Zayne’s eyes roll back in their sockets as Ethan pounds the royal fuck right out of his quivering bitch slave. Ethan normally has rock-solid, disciplined control, but his tenacious lust just cannot be contained. Bringing his impending climax on faster is the fact that Zayne has nearly lost control himself and yanks uselessly against his bonds. He doesn’t know whether to beg to be let loose or beg to be fucked harder. Ethan’s scorching lust suddenly takes hold. He grabs onto his slave’s leather collar and launches one of the deepest, most powerful cumshots he’s ever blasted deep into his ass!
4. Ethan Tate & Benji Dawsten 24mn
Bronze, smooth-skinned twink Benji Dawsten is the perfect submissive bottom boy, especially for someone like the dominant big-dicked top Ethan Tate. Both boys might look innocent at first glance with their adorable, cherub-like faces—but in the depths of Ethan’s dungeon, they are each wicked in their own ways. When Ethan descends into his chambers, Benji is bound, gagged, and wearing nothing but a choker and black jockstrap—exactly as Ethan left him. As for our dom top, he’s wearing nothing but a harness and a hard cock. Ethan teases his slave boy by tonguing and toying with Benji’s eager, hungry hole. Benji winces and moans as Ethan savors him. Once Benji’s hole is wet and open, Ethan drives his now-throbbing dick into Benji. He splits the boy open. The sub moans through his ball gag, going up in volume as Ethan begins to slide in and out of him, steadily picking up speed. Soon, Ethan’s large ball sack is slapping against the fabric of Benji’s jockstrap and the flesh of those cake-like cheeks. Ethan pounds away at the sub’s hole and intermittently spanks his ass. In the middle of this delightfully sadistic abuse, Ethan half-heartedly asks Benji if he’s enjoying being used, to which Benji moans an affirmative. To Ethan, it doesn’t matter whether his sub was enjoying it as long the sub takes the pounding properly and obeys. That's all that matters. Ethan gives little warning before wrapping his hand around Benji’s throat and unleashing his load into the sub boy’s guts…
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