Special Sales Carnal+
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Special Sales Carnal+
February 21, 2024 | Full Length Video : 26min 17sec

Eddie Patrick lingers as he’s centering his long dick on Devin Franco’s hole, but once he does the entire shaft glides all the way in and out, his low hangers clapping audibly.

Eddie ...More

Eddie squirts the first cum that’s going to dribble out Devin’s hole. Next, Dylan works his twink cock in effortlessly, grabbing Devin’s hips and depositing a load. Milo rams his Latin cock balls-deep afterwards, his natural curvature causing the bottom to moan.

The hits keep coming. Andrew positions Dylan so and mindlessly starts jackhammering the cumstained hole. T.D. Graham maintains a steady rhythm with sharp thrusts forward, afterwards Eddie lines up for his second round using his big dick to let the cum flood out of Devin’s hole.

Then, the grand finale! Sean Xavier mounts the bottom with his BBC and powerfucks Devin to new heights as the rest of the tops watch in awe!

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