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Cole Blue & Marcus Ryan in Minneapolis

April 28, 2021 | Full Length Video : 19min 21sec

Marcus and Cole are a couple of seriously sexy twinks. Cole is tall, hung, blond, and very handsome. Marcus is a little shorter with mischievous blue-grey eyes, a huge dick, and a seemingly insatiable desire for bareback sex.

Cole, ...More

Cole, dressed in a sleeveless T-shirt and tight, belted jeans, climbs onto the bed like a tiger stalking its prey and instantly starts making out with Marcus. They kiss passionately, hands eagerly running up and down each other’s firm bodies. These two young men have serious chemistry and plainly can’t wait to get down and dirty…

Cole’s huge shaft pokes out from the waistband of his briefs as he starts slurping on Marcus’ dick. Marcus murmurs appreciatively, then moves to Cole to return the favour, pulling back the taller lad’s briefs to reveal a meaty, thick, monster cock. Cole smiles almost arrogantly. He knows his dick is world class!

Marcus works it like a pro; sucking, licking and rubbing. Cole groans, spreads his long legs wide apart and the two men kiss again. Cole feverishly digs his nails into Marcus’ ass cheeks, then runs his hands sensuously over his rock hard dick.

Cole athletically lies on top of Marcus while both men deep throat each other. Marcus wraps his legs around Cole’s waist and energetically eats him out. These two men want each other badly and at least one of them is gonna get fucked, and fucked hard!

Marcus pulls Cole onto his back, pushes his legs apart, then kisses him again, licking his lips sleazily as he places the tip of his dick against Cole’s ass. Cole closes his eyes and moans in deep pleasure as the sexy twink’s killer dick edges into him. His ass is tight. Marcus pushes in, real slow, plainly amazed by Cole’s sensational grip as he picks up the speed and intensity.

These two young men look great together. Their bodies fit each other like two pieces in a highly-charged, heavily-erotic jigsaw! Marcus grinds himself into Cole and then starts slamming his dick deep into the handsome boy’s body.

With dicks this impressive, flip-flopping was always going to be on the cards and the two young men switch positions. Marcus lies on his back and gasps as Cole slowly feeds his immense dick into him. Marcus is rendered utterly helpless as Cole gets stuck in. The experience is intense. Cole arches his back and places his hands on the bed behind him almost casually as he repeatedly spears his lover.

It’s plainly too much for Marcus, who mumbles that he’s gonna to cum before exploding all over his smooth, lithe belly. Cole continues to fuck him, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until he cums himself, right inside. It’s an impressive load. His watery spunk gushes out of Marcus’ ass as he pulls out. It's certainly a sight worth seeing!

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