Chris Keaton and Tyler Tanner
October 26, 2022 | Full Length Video : 22min 40sec

Cute blond Chris Keaton and erotic dream boy Tyler Tanner find themselves head over heels in lust with one another. Once Chris gets the tall, slender, brunette hottie in the bedroom he pulls Tyler closer to him and they begin sensuously touching, kissing and necking. While feeling up his smooth, clean-shaven lover, Chris reveals what’s on his mind by slipping his hand momentarily down Tyler’s pants gently caressing that sweet, enticing bubblebutt.

Tyler adores the attention and definitely feels the heat between him and Chris start to really ramp up. Tyler sighs and moans as the kissing, touching and fondling grow more intense. Soon the ultra-aroused hotties strip each other naked and Tyler takes the opportunity to lick, kiss, and otherwise devour Chris’ thick, pulsating cock.

Chris encourages his ...[Read more]

Chris encourages his boy toy to swallow his horsedick all the way– and Tyler is up for the challenge! He manages to suck the entire shaft into his mouth, but Chris’ thick man meat is thick and it causes Tyler to gag just a bit; he can’t help but salivate all over his fuck buddy’s shaft. Chris is majorly turned on by that and tenderly runs his hands all along Tyler’s back and shoulders with appreciation.

With Chris getting more and more excited by Tyler’s pro-style sucking, he moves the boy into the doggy position, exposing a clean, fresh rosebud. Chris wastes no time burying his face into Tyler’s delicious ass and devours it with a passion! As the hot, blond jock stud continues to lick and french-kiss the delectable hole, Tyler can only sigh and gasp with sheer delight.

Confident that the twink sensation’s perfect ass is ready for entry, Chris lines his enormous manmeat up and expertly drives it all the way in. Tyler throws his head back and cries out in ecstasy as his lover’s cock fills him up and the feeling is extraordinary. Chris finds his fuck rhythm and really gives Tyler an ass pounding that the twink won’t soon forget!

Tyler loves to be dominated in this way and he begs for more. Chris is super turned on by the boy’s moans and he can feel the impending orgasm coming all too soon. He flips Tyler onto his back and gives him an impressive, steady ride.

Chris pulls Tyler to the edge of the bed and places his leg up against his chest. Chris starts to breathe harder and faster as he can feel the cum start to rise in his loins. Tyler is wild with anticipation as he anxiously awaits the impassioned jock’s final thrust. The cumshot that Chris blasts inside of Tyler is a truly massive, voluminous load. Satisfied and happy, the blonde hunk finally pulls out and his thick syrupy semen oozes out of Tyler’s well-used hole.

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