Axel Black and Chase Manning
September 01, 2021 | Full Length Video : 23min 6sec

Two men make out on a bed in a hotel room. One, a tanned, bearded DILF with a stocky, well-defined body, is passionately kissing a handsome, lean, young twink, with floppy, mouse-brown hair and long limbs.

These two guys are really into each other. In fact, they can’t get their tongues far enough down each other’s throats! The sexy twink is rock hard and bulging in his jeans. The DILF can’t wait to get him naked.

Their pants come ...[Read more]

Their pants come off and the DILF gets his lips wrapped around the twink’s impressive, curved, cut dick. He clearly gives great head because the twink is grinning like the cat that got the cream as he thrusts his juicy meat in and out of the older man’s mouth.

The chemistry is electrifying. The groaning DILF is suddenly on all fours while the tattooed twink gets his hungry tongue deep into daddy’s ass, prepping him for the ride of his life.

Penetration is inevitable. The twink kneels behind the older guy and pushes his bulging dick deep into his hole. He wastes no time at all, slamming hard and fast within seconds. The intensity of the fuck takes the DILF’s breath away, whose grunts and groans begin to feel like a cries for mercy!

The twink picks ups the speed and is soon banging so fast and hard that his balls begin to ache for release. He is too horned up to pull out, so he blasts a huge, sloppy load deep in the DILF’s hole. As he pulls out, watery cum sprays across the bed sheets.

Series: Axel Black
Axel Black series cover
3. Chase Manning Bottoms 21mn
Hot, lithe twink, Axel Black, makes a welcome return to Twink Loads with the super sexy DILF-dude, Chase Manning. We find the two guys making out passionately on a couch in the corner of a hotel room. They just can’t get enough of one other. Their lips are firmly locked, their scantily-clad bodies are utterly entwined, their roving hands grope lustfully. They’re going for it in a big way! They’re soon naked. These guys need to feel flesh on flesh. Chase squats on the couch while Axel excitedly eats him out, his eager tongue wiggling its way into every available crevice. Axel sits on the back of the couch and feeds his beautiful 9-inch dick into the older man’s mouth. He grabs the back of Chase’s head and thrusts himself deep into his welcoming throat. Axel can’t believe how talented Chase is when it comes to giving head. This is one exquisite blow job! Axel slides down onto the couch, rock hard dick pointing towards the ceiling as Chase rapidly lowers himself down onto it. Axel is soon pumping him hard, driving every inch of his long, saliva-lubed tool in and out of Chase’s hungry hole. This is penetration at its most animalistic. These guys just need to bang and bang hard until they explode in a desperate frenzy of sexual excitement. They switch positions with Axel now kneeling behind Chase so that he can drive his dick into the DILF with even more force. Axel may be young, but he certainly knows how to deliver a masterclass in brutal topping. Axel soon feels the semen rising in his balls, but Chase’s ass feels too good to pull out of. He cums real hard, deep inside the older man, squirting jet after jet of juicy jizz into his stomach.
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