Chad Porter, Travis Stevens and
July 27, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 1sec

Chad and Travis could hardly wait to go on their wilderness outing. Getting out of the city and into the quiet woods was always a fun past time for them, and it’s only gotten more exciting as they’ve been fucking around.

They smooth, athletic jocks pulled off their clothes and took their time kissing and caressing one another with nothing but the sound of the wind against the trees to break their focus. Their soft kisses could barely be heard over the sound of their shoes on the forest floor. They looked around to make sure they were alone, with the thought of getting caught getting their cocks rock solid.

Travis dropped to ...[Read more]

Travis dropped to his knees to give his buddy a good throat massage, taking his shaft down to the base without any struggle. Chad looked down past his tight six pack, loving the sight of his friend gobbling his tool. It was only a matter of time before he returned the favor, worshiping Travis’ hot jock cock.

As their excitement built, they leaned up against a frail tree, holding on for support as they began to rim and fuck. Travis eased himself into Chad’s hole, feeling the right, smooth sphincter work every inch of his member. It felt so good and their passion built up, they could hardly trust the tree to hold them up. Travis put his buddy on all fours to deliver him a deep, penetrating pounding, knowing every thrust brought him closer to spilling his alpha seed.

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